Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sleepy heads

Three sleepy little pups!  And where is Bentley, you ask?  He's playing, of course, the little energizer puppy never stops!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm ticklish, oooooo, don't do that!

Tonight I was trying to clean out the oak pollen and assorted debris from the dogs' fur before bringing them inside (I had cleaned all day and didn't want it undone when they ran through the house!).  I was using the comb that I use on the cats for lack of anything else to use on them (yes, I know I need to go shopping for dog grooming tools!) and it was working fairly well.  I was also doing a lot of picking with my hands.  When I started working on Bentley he would not be still, he was just squirming around like crazy.  Then I realized that the problem was that he is ticklish!  Especially on his little tummy, and running that comb over his tummy was driving him crazy.  I have to admit he was cute squirming around but I had mercy on him and picked him clean with my hands.  Even then a few times his back paw would start to scratch as I worked on him!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baylee!

Baylee's first birthday was April 14th.  I fell in love with the English Creams the first time I looked at Splendor Farm's web site.  I had never seen them before and was just fascinated with their beauty.  I had seen Baylee's picture on the web site but one afternoon she just called out to me.  That night I sent Kelly an e-mail to see if she was available and almost instantly she answered, yes that she was and would I please, please buy her because she needed a good home.  Kelly explained that she didn't know what to do with her because she was so afraid of the other dogs in the kennel and in her house.  Then I knew why she had called out to me that afternoon!

I'm not sure what had happened in Baylee's short life but she was a victim of kennel trauma!  Kelly reassured me that she would be okay, that she just needed some love.  So I drove over and drove back in one day to get her.  When Kelly handed her to me she was just quivering but she quickly laid down in my lap and relaxed while I talked to Kelly.  I've never regreted the drive because Baylee is so sweet and gentle.  She adapted very quickly to Blossom and Sawyer and was a little skiddish for a while but she just fit right in with us. 

She is quiet and gentle but you have to watch her, too.  She loves to sneak around and find an open trash bag in the kitchen.  She loves to sneak bites of cat food and chases cats with a passion. And when they are outside playing I can hear her going "yip,  yip, yip" in a high pitched, furious mode!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bentley's Hang Up or Just Hanging Out

This morning I went out in the garage for maybe two minutes.  Just long enough to fill the dogs' food bowl with food and Lacey's bowl as she was in the garage.  Just two minutes.  When I came back in the kitchen I noticed that one of the lower cabinet doors was open and Bentley was jumping up and down (or so it seemed) because Shadow was on the counter top.   Only running on one cup of coffee at that time I was not awake so it took a few seconds for it to dawn on me what was happening.....Bentley was caught on the cabinet door handle by his collar and was hanging there. He appeared to be jumping up and down because he was trying to get loose!  I quickly released him and scooped him up.  His little heart was just racing, poor little guy.  Do you think that this adventure will stop him from chasing cats?  No way!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blossom, what are you doing...uh oh, oh no

Last night I was sitting in the chair in the living room working on the computer.  I really should have been doing other things, but oh well.  Suddenly I realized the computer had switched over to battery only.  First I checked to make sure the power cord was plugged into the back of the laptop.  It was.  The computer's been doing some strange things lately so I was a little concerned that it was finally flipping out.  Then I looked down in the floor and realized the problem....Blossom had the power cord in her mouth and was gnawing away.  Oh no, right?  Right.  She had not chewed completely through the cord but had severed enough of the wiring that power was not coming through the cord.  So on my lunch hour today I went to Best Buy and spent $70 on a new power cord.  I couldn't fuss at her because all I could think of was what happened to the cat in "Christmas Vacation."  Blossom, no no leave it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another shot of four little pups and gotcha day

Here is another shot from yesterday's photo shoot.  This is an unedited photo, only cropped. It is going in my favorites folder.

And today is Sawyer and Blossom's first "Gotcha Day".  A year ago today I picked them up from Splendor Farms.  They were so small and so cute.  It has been a fast year, here's to many more my little buddies!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Four not -too-excited pups

NO, they did NOT volunteer for this photo shoot.  After getting exasperated and wishing I had someone to help me but being determined to get a picture of all four I decided to hook their leashes onto the glider and then hook them onto them.  They were not too happy, but made the best of it. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Baylee, Sweet Baylee Cream! 
She just gets sweeter and sweeter!  She has the sweetest face and I noticed tonight that her nose seems to be getting longer.  She is beautiful and everyone wants to take her home!

Sawyer Brown takes a break from the food bowl.  They love to dine "al fresco" in the evenings!  And look at his tail, wow!

Baby Blossom, Mighty Dog, Little Diva! 
She would not raise her ears and look cute for the pictures, so this shot will have to do.

Bentley Beau Bentley
I included this shot to show his face and how much he has changed.

And, since he is the baby he gets two shots on this post.  This one shows how he has grown and how the shading on his back is disappearing.
P.S.  As I previewed this post I noticed that it coincides with the pictures on the side.  It is interesting to compare them and see how they have changed, especially Bentley.