Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to get your dogs to eat

This is easy.  Your dog won't eat?  Easy solution:  feed them kitty kibble.  Yes, that's right.  Feed them kitty kibble.  That's what I did last night and the dogs chowed down.  No, it was not intentional.  It was an absent minded mistake!

This group of dogs is so different with their eating practices.  Every dog that I've ever had expected to be fed at a specific time each evening.  If I didn't fill the food bowl at precisely the appointed time the dog(s) would (a) sit by the bowl and stare at me or (b) run around me in circles until I got with the program and fed them.  Then they would begin to eat as soon as the food was in the bowl.  But not this group of dogs.  I can feed them early or late and they don't care; they never get concerned about the empty food bowls unless it is getting really late. When I do fill the bowls they don't get too excited.  Meal time is a leisurely experience.  I know it is not a good practice but I just leave the bowls down for an hour or more until they have finished. 
Last night I had school.  And a final exam.  Plus I was thinking about work, Thanksgiving, house cleaning, tree trimming and everything under the sun except what I was doing.  I fed the dogs before I left for school, putting yogurt and oatmeal topping on top of each bowl of kibble.  Before I left I looked in the kitchen and the bowls were almost empty.  Bently and Blossom were just gobbling down the food.  Wow, I thought, they must have been really hungry.  So I went back to re-fill one of the bowls with a little more kibble just in case one of them didn't get enough. 
And then I realized what I had done:  I had filled their bowls with the kibble that Lacey eats.  No wonder they were gobbling down their food.  What a treat for them!  I'm sure they were expecting the same tonight when I filled their bowls, how disappointed they were!  No more kitty kibble for you, my dears!

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