Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dachshund tails at the dog show

I know I've neglected this little blog and Instagram terribly, but I'm finishing up school and then will be back in the posting swing full blast! 

I did show Bentley last weekend in a local show.  He did okay in the ring, but was the only dog in his class and came in second in winners dog competition.  I wasn't disappointed, and felt good about how we both did.  I learn something every time I go to a dog show, and this time it was about grooming.  Since I'm trying to learn more about grooming it was good to observe how each dog was groomed, especially the feet.

Here's what a little guy does after a dog show - crash with your BFF Foxie!
I'm having a dilemma about whether to give up on the conformation showing and leap into obedience or to stick with it.  I think my dilemma is partially solved after being at the Houston dog show series this weekend.  Read on.

Yesterday I got to steward at the ring where the long-haired dachshunds were showing, first time ever and I was so excited!  I was also excited when I opened up the catalog and the first puppy in the ring was one that belongs to Kelly at Splendor Farms where I got all four of my dogs.  

Isn't this big guy handsome?

Best of Variety competition
No, this is not Bentley, but it could be him.  This dog had his championship and was competing as a special, yes, there is hope for Bentley!
The dog on the left would win Best of Variety!  I've competed with him at several shows and he always wins, he is beautiful! 
After seeing these dogs and the one that looked like Bentley, I've decided to stick with it a little bit longer.  He is a good looking dog, and I noticed that some of these dogs also seemed to have a little dip in their back, so that may not be a flaw.  I need to work on his grooming and my handling to make sure that I feel confident so he is too.  We are not giving up!