Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who's in your family tree, little dog?

I worked at a dog show in a nearby town weekend before last.  It was in a livestock exposition building (i.e. a metal building with packed dirt floor and NO HEAT).  Lucky me, I got to work one of the rings with some of the Hound Group dogs, but not dachshunds.   I think one of the things I really like about the shows is getting to see all the different breeds and learning about them; it is very interesting!

One of the breeds in my ring was the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - just call it a PBGV for simplicity!  Now, doesn't this dog look like a wirehaired dachshund?

Photo taken from and is used for informational purposes only

That's what I thought when I first saw them.  I remembered that the dachshund is attributed to being descended from the basset hound, being bred to develop shorter legs and a more compact body to enable badger hunting.  But, hmmm, could there be a link to this little fellow and the dachshund?  
After doing some research, the answer is probalby not.  The AKC breed description  Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen describes the PBGV as being descended from French hounds, being used to hunt rabbits and hares.    Under the "Right Breed for You" section it describes them as independent and eager to please (sounds like a doxie) and needing activity or he will revert to his own entertainment (sound familiar?).  For an idea of their size, they stand 13-15 inches at the shoulder.
Although there is probably no connection in the family tree, I still see a resemblance in this dog to my long-haired dachshunds.  And, I just love a good-looking hound dog, no matter what the breed!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Walking 101

We are back in the walking habit.  No excuses, the weather is pleasant, school work is under control, the holidays are over.  Time to get out and walk!

Here's Baylee, waiting for the others to come out
I decided that to motivate myself to get back in the habit that I needed to re-think the whole dog walking thing.  I love to walk and it is easy enough to put on the sneakers, grab my phone and go.  But throw four jumping, barking, twisting, turning dachshunds in the equation and it didn't work.  I hated the hassle of getting them hitched up and out the door.  Honestly, yes, a little obedience training would be a good thing.  But in the meantime I worked out a plan.

First, hitch them up outside and off the ground.  I found that by taking them out on the deck and putting them on a chair, one at a time, to put on the harness was the solution.  They caught on to the routine and have become much calmer, even with attaching the leads.
Second, walking all four was hard work.  Like driving a team of horses, so I supposed.  I was exhausted and didn't enjoy the walk.  I tried walking two at a time; that worked good, but there was a lot of crying by the ones left behind and I felt guilty because they all deserved  a good walk.  The solution was to put Baylee in the stroller because she doesn't like to walk very much, but she loves to ride.  Walking just three on the lead is much easier.
Where there's a will, there's a way!
My Mama puts a harness on me, but I don't walk-I ride!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dachshund Popularity

I noticed on the AKC's web site they have posted their list of the most popular breeds in 2012.  Drum roll, please.......dachshunds are number 10.  Sadly, the Rottweilers moved from 10th place last year to push us down to 10.  Still, it is good to be in the top 10!   Yeah for short legs and long bodies!  Let's hear it loud and strong for doxie power!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whatcha growlin' 'bout, big dog

We are a pretty peaceful pack here at the Doxie House.  Sawyer and Blossom have little brother/sister spats but they are short and under control, it is just that sibling thing coming out.  I've had two bad episode with the boys, one was really bad.  I think it would have ended in blood shed if I hadn't been able to break it up by throwing a sofa pillow into them.  It was escalating totally out of control and was in the house, so no garden hose spray to break it up.  I knew better than to stick my hand into the midst and grab one of them.  So I grabbed the pillow and threw it as hard as I could.  End of fight!  The other fight wasn't quite as bad and I managed to push my foot against Bentley's rump and distract him.  At that point I clapped my hands and they heard me tell them to lay off. During the work day I have to just hope that they don't get into a scrap; I suspect that most of the day they are sacked out asleep.

Every now and then I hear a  growl, but it is more of a warning than a threat.  Usually it is Blossom who, as the little one, likes to assert herself.  But I had to laugh this morning when it was Bentley.  He had his beloved Foxie and a rawhide chewie stub on the sofa and was half napping.  Baylee got too close to his treasures so he was just letting her know to keep her distance away from him and his stuff.  She didn't pay him too much attention, she just went a few inches away and laid down.  No big deal.

I do not share my toys, especially my Foxie

Bentley & Foxie = BFFs