Friday, December 30, 2011


Today I finally had the gumption to set up the tripod and camera and round up the dogs for a photo shoot.  It was a beautiful morning, and I gave them plenty of time to play prior to attempting to get the four to "sit/stay".  It would have made a fairly entertaining video is all I will say.  I did get the picture and ordered the Christmas cards (yes, I know Christmas was last Sunday).  But here I have to share a few outtakes.

Sawyer, quit licking your lips

Blossom, shut your mouth and what are ya'll looking at?

Sawyer, where are you....Sawyer!

I also got this cute picture of Jaydon and pals

After this ordeal was over the girls had to have a nap

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blossom and the gift wrap

Blossom continued with her mission of "seek/destroy" while I wrapped gifts!  She was so cute and posed so nicely that I let her have a little fun with this scrap of wrapping paper.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hey Mom, Did You Forget Something?

I forgot to feed the dogs tonight, but they reminded me.  Tonight was the Christmas Pop's concert at church.  I had to be there early for warm up, and it was too early to feed the dogs before I left.  Plus I don't like to feed them and then leave because sometimes Bentley is still a "bowl bully".  I didn't think the concert would be too late, so I just left without feeding them.

Well, I got home around 9 p.m. and started wrapping gifts and eating a little snack.  But I couldn't figure out why the dogs were just standing there looking at me.  I thought they just were looking at the snack, after all I did have cheese and they love cheese!  After several minute of being quietly stared at I remembered that I had not fed them.  Oops, I quickly filled those bowls with their good Eukanuba kibbles and then shared a little cheddar cheese with them!  I was off on their routine and they knew it, smart doggies!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tales of Rainy Days

After a year with practically no rain, we are experiencing wet, wet, wet days.  Some rain, some drizzle, and lots of humidity.  While I am so thankful for the rain, I wish it would rain several inches and then dry up and then repeat the cycle.  So do the dogs.  They are miserable and wound up at the same time. 

They are refusing to go outside.  Even good boy Sawyer had to be carried out this morning.  Even though it is fairly dry under the eave of the house, they just do not want to go out.  I can't say that I blame them - I would not want to do my business in the rain.  But it seems they are fanatics about keeping their feet dry.  Except last night when Sawyer spotted something on the fence line and led the pack charging out into the mud for a little barking session. 

We've had no walks, either, so they are full of energy.  Poor babies.  I've been tempted to put on a coat and try to walk them with an umbrella (for me) but I could just see them flipping out in the rain and then having to get them home and dry!  We've played a little in the house, but that does not burn energy.  Too bad they aren't human children that could be amused with a board game or a big box to turn into a fort!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking for Blossom (and a few photos)

The puppies love to curl up with me on the sofa.  I love curling up with them.  Right now that's where we are, on the sofa listening to Harry, Kenny and others sing and play Christmas carols.  Mmmm, good times. 

Most of the time Bentley doesn't really nap.  And I'm used to him jumping up and down from the sofa.  But when one of the others gets down I usually notice and keep an eye out for what they are doing.  Several nights ago we were settled in and I realized that there were only three dogs on the sofa with me.  A quick check told me that Blossom was missing.  I didn't remember her getting down, so I was a little puzzled.  Then I looked down at Sawyer and realized that he had a black spot on his side.  What?  He is red and white on his back.  A second look revealed that I was seeing Blossom's black spot, she was sleeping underneath Sawyer!  She had laid down between my leg and the arm of the sofa and Sawyer had laid down on top of her.  But most of his weight was on my leg so he wasn't crushing her.  She must have been warm and comfortable because she was sound asleep.  Silly puppies.

Sawyer is getting into the Season!

Three sofa sleepers

Guess which dog is not a napper?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Rainy Weekend

It has been a long, long time since we had a rainy weekend, and a cool one at that.  Temperatures today have been in the 40's and it has rained lightly off and on all weekend.  Wonderful, wonderful!

But what do dogs do on a weekend like this?  Oh, they are more than content to curl up on the sofa and nap while I'm napping or watching football.  But the rest of the time they have been little rascals! I have to admit that I have not exercised them like I should.  I would have bundled up and taken them for a walk but I've had a little bit of a cold and didn't think I should be out walking in the rain.  So I have to blame myself (partly) for their misbehavior.

First of all they refuse to potty outside.  Even if I go out with them they refuse.  No way, it is wet out here...we'll just go in the house thank you. 

They have entertained themselves by pulling ornaments off the tree and either playing with them or eating them.  NO, NO, BAD DOGS!  They have shredded every piece of paper they can get their mouths on.  NO, NO, BAD DOGS!  But the big game has been "Explore the Trash".  Everytime I turn around one of them has retrieved something from the kitchen trash and they are destroying it, usually in the middle of the living room floor.  Yes, I know I should have closed the lid on the trash can.  But still, they know better than to play in the trash. 

This morning Bentley and Sawyer bolted through the door into the garage.  I got the garage door down before Bentley got out, but had to go out in the rain to round up Sawyer.  I'm sure the rain detered him from making a run through the neighborhood.  I'm not sure what got into their heads to make them run out like that.

But now they are all piled in my lap while I'm writing this, sweet little puppies (for now).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blossom's Scary Experience

Yesterday morning, in the process of getting ready for work, I walked down the hallway in semi-darkness while going into the kitchen for something, probably another cup of coffee.  Anyway, as usuall there were dogs underfoot and I really didn't think anything about them being there.  Until I got to the end of the hallway and noticed that Blossom was just standing there facing back down the hallway.  I glanced back at her,thinking that the way she was acting was just odd, for her.  Something just wasn't right, she was just standing real still and staring at the opposite wall of the hallway.

So I flipped on the light, still wondering what was going on.  Then she started chewing (or so I thought) on something.  My first thought was - Lego's!  The boys had played with the Lego's the night before and we always have a few stray ones that the dogs try to munch on.  As I reached down to extract the Lego from her mouth I realized what was really wrong - her collar had somehow expanded and slipped down around and into her mouth.  Thank goodness she stood still while I fumbled with the release on the collar.  Since I don't have real strong fingers I always have problems squeezing those releases, but managed to keep her calm and get the collar off.

Yes, my little BFF got a lot of lovin' after that.  I know she had not been hung up very long, but it was scary for both of us!  For now her collar is off and it may stay off.  I'm not sure how it expanded enough to slip down like that, but I don't want it to happen again!  I've always thought that dogs need a collar, with a little ID tag just in case they get lost.  But she is micro chipped and only goes out when I'm home so I think we may just leave the collar off when we are at home.  What if this had happened during the day while I wasn't at home?  That's scary, too.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making a group picture

Good grief!  What was I thinking?  Yes, I did last year's Christmas photo shot by myself but I only had three dogs to herd up and pose.  This afternoon I set up a little photo shoot on the fireplace, gathering up a Christmas quilt and a few decorations.  Got the camera set up and put a Christmas collar on each dog and combed their ears.  Never mind that they are stinky and need a bath, that won't show in the picture.  So far so good, that was the easy part.  After numerous attempts, and telling myself to give up until I had someone to assist me I finally got all four to sit and stay. 

I got the pictures, yes indeed.  But the dogs were not happy, and refused to raise their ears.  They do not look happy, no sirree!  Further complicating the issue was that they were in front of the fireplace, which looks good in reality.  But I did not like it in the picture for a background.  Plus the light was triggering a flash and that messes up their eyes.  I ran a few through Photoshop, but still don't like them.  I'll do another photo shoot for the card, but had to post a few here just for fun!

Baylee was so cooperative.  She is ready for Christmas in her green collar!

Hey Mom, do you really think you're going to make our picture?
Sawyer, I'm warning you...don't cooperate with her and we'll be off the hook real quick.
Here we are in our pre-holiday pose!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking for a toy

At some point I started keeping the doggie toys in a small, white basket.  At first we didn't have too many but obviously the collection had to grow.  Who can pass up a dog toy in the store?  My dogs deserve to have all the fun they can.  So the basket has filled up, or at least it is full when human Mama picks up all the toys and puts them in it!

A few nights ago Blossom, Sawyer, and Baylee were snoozing on the sofa while I was knitting.  Bentley isn't much of a napper.  He will lay quietly while the others nap, but he will also entertain himself and play on his on.  So he had gotten up and jumped in the floor and prowled around a little.  Then, he went over to the toy basket and stood there looking into it (they will all do this and then select a toy to play with).  He pulled out a rawhide flip chewie, or what was left of one, and chewed on it for a few minutes.  That wasn't too interesting so he went back to the basket and stood there again, contemplating his choices.  He pulled out a toy, but dropped it.  He started rooting around in the basket, trying to get out something.  He sniffed and scratched the side, as if he could pull out through the side what he wanted.  He pulled out several toys, and then stepped into the half empty basket.  Still not getting what he wanted he flipped over the basket and scratched around into the bottom of the basket.  With that he triumphantly pulled out......a Nyla bone!  Ta da!  Just what he had been searching for!  Mission accomplished, he took the bone to the middle of the rug and settled down.  Ah, just what he needed!

You can probably guess who picked up all the toys, too.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Bentley!

Bentley is officially one year old!  Yippee!  No more puppy class competition for this big boy!  His gotcha day is in January, but he is a year old today.  What a sweet, handsome guy.  He is so big that it is hard to remember when he was a little warm, fuzzy eight week old puppy that was so cute and cuddly.  Where is my baby?  He's all grown up now.

Is it my birthday, really?  Where's my cake?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What is this?

Since our pumpkin was very thick I had carved off a layer of the piece we cut out of the top.  I was going to pitch these pieces in the bag with the "guts" but then thought, why not feed these to the dogs?  They love raw veggies, so I gave them the pumpkin pieces. 

I think they liked this although it was a little different!

Doesn't everything taste better after being rolled in the dirt?  This picture also shows how Bentley's coat is looking.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blossom's Little Basket

Blossom likes to sleep in this basket in my sewing room whenever I have a few moments to go in there to sew.  It has a quilt that I never finished in it, perfect for her to snuggle down into!

Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bentley's 2nd show

We travelled north this morning to a dog show just outside Austin.  Bentley did great and brought home three ribbons, mostly by default since he was the only dog in his class.  But we did get to go in the ring two times and got some very valuable experience. 

I've realized that I probably haven't been feeding him the right food, oops!  He is way too skinny since the specialized food I've had him on is designed to keep off the weight that can cause dachshund back problems.  I had another breeder tell me that Bentley needs muscle build up, and I believe that after seeing the beautiful finished dachshunds he was in the ring with today. 

And, I had bathed him last night and was thinking that he really looked so good until I looked at him closely after arriving at the show and realized that he had dandruff!  I think it is time for a new shampoo and maybe conditioner, too.  Hopefully, changing the diet will also help his coat to improve.  

Stephanie and Jaydon went along and she made some pictures while we were in the ring.  The show was in a livestock building and the lighting was not good, but she got some good shots.

Bentley on the table

Bentley on a little walk

Bentley brought home a new friend from the show!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Harvest Festival

This afternoon/evening was our church's Harvest Festival.  Bentley won the lottery because he has a show next Saturday and he needs socializing so he got to go.  He wasn't sure at first what was going on, but he let children and adults pet him.  I did hold his lead close because he wanted to pull back.  Most children knew to ask to pet him and also to let him smell them first.  There were a few small ones that were afraid, so it was fun to coax them with petting a dog! He never jumped or lunged at anyone and everyone commented about how handsome he is!  He is one tired puppy tonight!

I couldn't get a decent picture of him but I decided to post this one because it shows his beautiful black beard and also how the fur is starting to come in on his chest.  I noticed this afternoon that the fur on his back seems to be darkening a little and I can see it starting to thicken on top of his neck.   I'm not sure if this is winter coat or if it is his dachshund long hair starting to finally come in.

He was so cute when I snapped this, but I made it with one hand and it is blurry.  I've left it small so it isn't as bad. 
But what a handsome fella!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baylee: The Little Magician

We had only walked a short distance tonight when I felt the tension on the lead change.  When I glanced down I realized that Sawyer was tangled in his own lead.  As I was getting him untangled Baylee suddenly started doing a contortionist type movement, like a twist and a turn all at once.  She twisted her head up and then down, and quick as a wink she was stepping out of her harness!  We were on the busiest street in the neighborhood at 5:30 p.m., the busiest time.  I had the quick presence of mind to hook my finger in her collar, just in case she freaked out and bolted.  I got her back in the harness and re-hitched to the lead (while holding the lead with the other three dancing like little wiggle worms).

I still haven't figured out what happened.  I had harnessed her first tonight, but she must have been squirming around too much and I didn't get it on right and just didn't realize it.  But I still wonder if she just isn't a little magician that got herself out of the harness!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bentley & Blossom Team Up

I came home today to be greeted at the door by Blossom and Bentley!  Little escapees!  I'm not sure how they got out of the kitchen.  The only thing I can figure is that I put the gate a tad too high and they wiggled under.  Blossom is small and I could see her going under, but Bentley is a big guy so I'm not sure how he did it.  He may have climbed over. 

But they had had quite a day in the freedom of the house.  It could have been worse but it was bad enough!  There was poop but that's ok, bodily functions happen.  They had eaten all the cat food, but that's ok, everyone needs a snack.  What really irritated me was that Bentley had apparently gotten up on the breakfast table (he can jump on the chairs, Blossom can't so I know he did this) and had chosen to eat the little card laying there.  The little card that was worth $20 at Coldwater Creek.  Grrrrrrr!  At least they didn't eat the pair of boots that I had left out of the closet!

Oh well, lesson learned by me.  Now I have to either reconfigure the gates or buy another moveable gate.  The gate manufacturers love me!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Stay At the Blossom, Sawyer, Bentley, & Baylee

Our Mama told us we could write this post since it was our adventure!  Friday before last our Mama came home and we thought it would just be another evening at home, but she quickly loaded us up in the car.  We weren't sure where we were going until we pulled up at the Pet Resort.  Mama calls it a kennel, but to us it is like a doggie hotel.  We had been there before over the weekend that Mama went to the beach, so we were quickly wagging our tails when we saw our friends.  While Mama took care of the paperwork our friends weighed us and checked us over.  (Note from Baylee:  I did not want my Mama to leave me, I'm always afraid that I'm being abandonded.  I looked very sad and concerned but Mama called across the room and told me it was okay and that she would be back soon.)

Soon it was goodbye time and we were taken to our suites.  Mama puts two of us together in a suite so we have plenty of room.  Our suites are really nice.  We have a bedroom with a nice Kuranda bed and a fleece cover that Mama suspects we destroyed.  We also have our food and water in this room, and if it was winter we would have a heated floor.  Since it is still warm we had air conditioning instead.  We have a small window that lets in outside light, even when the lights go out at night.  Our outside area is a long, concrete area like a covered patio.  Mama calls it a run for some reason, maybe because we can run up and down to our hearts' content.  There is a chain link fence at the end so we can see out, but just a little.  We can only go out in this area during the day and if it isn't too hot.

So what did we do at the resort?  Our days were pretty much the same.  At 7 a.m. our friends came in and opened the door to the patio area.  We had a small breakfast and they gave us fresh water, too.  We played and barked a lot.  Every morning they came and got all four of us and took us over to the playroom.  We had fun playing together and playing with their toys.  The day went quickly by and we had a light supper, more fresh water and then it was time for our friends to close our outside door and turn out the lights.  Another doggie day was over.

The days passed quickly and we had fun, but we missed our Mama and our home.  Sunday afternoon our friends came and got us, one at a time.  We thought we were going to play time, but actually we went up front and there was our Mama!  We were so happy to see her, our tails were just wagging and our little faces were so happy.  We were glad to get home, too.  We were very tired after our little adventure so we all curled up and took a long, refreshing nap.  Ah, there's no place like home!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blossom goes to PetsMart

Last night I made a major shopping run to PetsMart and took Miss Blossom along.  She won the lottery and got to go because she needed a new collar.  After her last bath I had discovered that one of the plastic rings that control the size had broken.  So she got to go shopping!  Little Diva! There was a lot of crying and howling by her three little playmates that didn't get to go, too.

She rode in the cart like she always does.  She is just more secure in the cart for some reason.  I was really proud of her because she didn't bark like crazy like she usually does.  There were a few yaps when we went in the store and then twice while we shopped she let out what I thought was just a yap of joy!  She let everyone pet her (they all told her she was so beautiful!) and made many new friends.  I thought it interesting that everyone asked how old she is and then they were amazed that she is full grown!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is what a pile o'pookies looks like.  Aren't they cute...well, yes.  But look at the wall above them.  The beautiful wall and woodwork that I spent so much time painting several years ago.  That is what these little darlings do while I'm at work, scratch the sheetrock and gnaw on the woodwork. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Local "B" Match

Bentley competed in a local "B" match today.  It is a show that isn't a show, so to speak.  A little more than a match but not a full show.  He was the only dachshund of any kind so obviously he came home with ribbons and a small pewter cup.  He went in for best of group against a basset hound and got second.  I think the judge was prejudice or something, how could he give this good looking dog a second place?

Any way, it was good experience for both of us.  I'm still not pleased with how he's doing, but in all honesty I haven't worked with him like I really should.  And he needs to be socialized a little more as he is very leary of people.  There is a show in Austin next month so we need to get busy. 

He was a little reluctant with this picture, I just noticed that his head looks huge but that is just because I was super close to him with the camera!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bentley & Baylee vs. Shadow

Cat chasing is pretty common in this household.  But this morning it got totally out of control.  I'm not sure what prompted this but it was an all out attack.  Basically, Baylee was trying to finish off Shadow.  Bentley was an accomplice to the crime but Baylee had Shadow down and her mouth was fastened around Shadow's neck.  As I've said so often, it is the shy, quiet one that you have to watch!  No matter what I did I couldn't get them to back off and leave poor Shadow alone. 

The fight started under the bed and then went to the far corner of the breakfast room.  That was the point where Baylee had her mouth on Shadow's neck and I knew it was serious.  So I swatted Baylee (dumb, I know) and got enough distraction time that she let go.  Shadow ran back to the bedroom and under the bed (dumb cat, jump up and escape).  So Bentley and Baylee gave chase and the fight continued.  I managed to grab Bentley's hind leg and pull him out from under the bed and throw him in the bathroom.  Then I took a yard stick to get Baylee out from under the bed and grab her.  They both went outside for a while, but as soon as I opened the door they were back under the bed where Shadow was hiding.  So I got the yardstick again, and this time they got a swat with it as they ran by me.  I left them in the kitchen while I went to the grocery store and when I got home and let them out....they ran right back to attack Shadow.  So once again the yardstick was put into play.

Finally, I got Shadow out from under the bed and checked her over.  Her neck and head had obviously been soaked with dog slobber as it was sticky.  But she had no puncture wounds that I could feel.  I gave her a good rub and put her on top of the bed.  A little while later I noticed Baylee's under ear as shown above.  Shadow, even with only back claws and teeth, had put up a good fight.  The picture doesn't really show the damage but there are several puncture wounds and a long, bloody scratch down the ear.  Baylee's ear is a mess.  So now all the dogs are taking turns cleaning it for her.  No sympathy from me, but I now know that it isn't just friendly cat chasing that is going on and the situation has to be human controlled!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tired to the bone

I have four little doggies that have passed out in various spaces.  We were finally able to go walking tonight.  I was so tired and have so much homework, but I decided that I had to force myself to harness them up and go.  Once we were out the door I was so glad we went.  I don't know when was the last time we could go walking, the heat has been too much.  The dogs and their human needed to walk but it just couldn't be done.  

When we started out they wanted to rodeo a little bit, but the routine quickly came back.  Usually Sawyer leads the pack but tonight it was little Blossom (and she was the first to lay down and go to sleep!).  I took them at a fairly slow pace, and they still wanted to stop frequently.  We'll have to work back up to speed, but that's ok. 

When we got home I fed them outside (fed myself out there, too) and they chowed down.  Bowls were almost empty, for once.  They have gotten where they just nibble around but the walk must have revved up their appetites.  Uh oh, the boys just woke up and they are playing a little.  That's ok, I'm glad we all got some exercise and fresh air.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doggie Fun

This is what doggies do for fun when Mama is gone!  The paper is what is left of the instruction manual for my food processor.  What I can't figure out is how it got off the counter and into the dogs' area in the kitchen. And then how it got into the living room.  Bentley and Blossom had escaped from the kitchen, so did they go over the gate with the book in their mouth?  Or did they go under the gate?  This was NOT what I wanted to come home to after school tonight! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baylee's Reaction

I took Baylee in yesterday for her shots and check up.  As usuall, everyone wanted to hold and pet her, they all love her!  She is 16 months old now and weighed in at 11.11!  So she is officially a tweenie.  That was the good news...bad news was that she had a reaction to one of the shots and I had to rush her back to the vet.  Her muzzle swelled up and she was going crazy trying to rub it on everything.  Thank heaven for these wonderful vets and their staff, they had already closed when I called but they all stayed there to treat her.

She's okay today, but no more lepto shots for her.  Maybe for the others, too.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tales of the Food Bowl

It's finally happened, someone has emerged as the "food bowl controller".  I've been expecting this as it is just too much to expect four excited little doxies to share a bowl of food.

I've always just filled up the bowl and put it in the floor to let them graze at their lesiure.  They are fed once a day, in the evening, and strangely do not get very excited about the appearance of the food bowl.  Other dogs that I've had would start to pace right before feeding time, or sit patiently in front of the bowl.  But not this pack!  And, sometimes they clean out the bowl and sometimes they just nibble.  Usually they would take turns eating.  For a while Blossom would growl and hog the bowl but that seemed to pass.  I've always kept an eye on them as I didn't want any one of them to controll the bowl.

As an overly concerned "doggie parent" I had added another small bowl into the routine several weeks ago.  I had the thought that maybe adding another bowl would spark more interest in eating and keep down any conflicts if they arose.  Ok, fine.  Or so I thoughht.  Tonight Bentley decided that both bowls were his and no one was going to eat. He did a good job of protecting the bowls while intimidating any one who tried to invade the bowl territory!  I tried separating the dogs but that didn't work; they were all confused and did nothing but yap.  So I'm hoping that everyone did get enough to eat before this little episode.  Tomorrow I'll fill up four bowls and figure out how to distribute dogs and bowls separately.  They'll figure it out once I figure it out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cat Chasing

Bentley and Baylee have developed a great affection for cat chasing. They are also fond of cornering a cat and "yip, yip, yipping" until I arrive on the scene. And no matter how many times I tell them "leave it" they just can't resist.  Poor cats, at least  they can jump up onto something and escape!

What is really funny is that Baby Girl will stand her ground with them when they corner her.  She just looks at them like, "really, do you think I'm scared?"  Mitzie, the most skiddish of the cats, is not afraid of the dogs and will nap on the sofa back or arm while the dogs are napping.  Rarely do the dogs mess with her.  But poor Shadow, she is fair game for a chase.  I'll hear her poor little mew and then hear the sound of thundering paws chasing her around!  NO, NO, LEAVE IT!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post script to the last post

I came home from work today and, as I came through the garage door into the laundry room, I was greeted by a brown, fuzzy wuzzy puppy!  Yes, Mr. Bentley had jumped over the doggie gate and was wonderfully free in the house.  I hope that he had just jumped over when he heard the garage door going up and not that he had been loose in the house all day!

I was in a rush and went on to choir practice pretty quick, and didn't even think about another break out.  Oh yes, when I got home from choir there he was again, welcome committee of one!  So now what do I do?  I may try raising the gate up a little to see if that will keep him for a while.  I have a feeling it won't last for long and he'll just jump over again.  At least, for now anyway, it is only one dog loose in the house and not all four!  Short legs and long body make jumping real easy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Short Legs, Long Body

Dachshunds may have short little legs and ride close to the ground but that doesn't keep them from high places.  I'm always catching Baylee standing on her hind legs with front legs on top of the kitchen trash can.  And tonight I realized just how long Bentley can stretch.  Recently he learned that he is big enough to jump on the furniture.  How convenient and how bad for his back I must say.  But learn he has.  Tonight while I was eating, the washing machine had an imbalance in the load (of dog bedding, no less).  So I left the table and my plate to step into the laundry room for just a minute.  When I turned around there was Mr. Bentley standing on my chair checking out my supper!  At least he wasn't on the table!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Show Results Are In

Bentley showed today in his first dog show.  I think he did really well and his first time handler did well, too!  I wasn't nervous like I thought I would be, in fact it was rather fun.  We had gone to the show yesterday and just walked around and observed the judges and watched everything that was going on.  I took him in the grooming area but he was not happy there with all the noise and movement (plus two different people let their big dogs lunge at him and that scared him). But all in all he took everything well and was content to let people pet him and admire him.  I can't begin to count how many people commented about his color and how beautiful he was.  Also, so many people said that they either had a dachshund or had had one and wanted another one.

Thank goodness I had some one that was mentoring me or I would never have figured out what was going on.  I'm a little clearer on how these shows work but still have a way to go.  He was the only puppy in his class so he won (no competition makes it easy).  Since he was the only dog in regular classes he also won Winners Dog.  Then we went on to compete against two finished dogs (champions) and the female dog that was the female winner.  Needless to say the fuzzy little puppy didn't make it!  He did really well on the table but was pulling against me on the lead when we walked.  Not sure why he did that since he practices perfectly.  Also, I don't think I was really fast enough getting him stacked on the floor for the judge to look at. Plus, he is fuzzy and the champions are not!

Not sure where we are going from here, but I think we are off to a good start!  Go Bentley Go!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blossom's Bath Time

I gave Bentley (A.K.A Fuzzy Puppy) and Blossom a bath tonight.  I've found it easier to just do two at a time.  They are usually pretty good about baths, although sometimes there is a little resistance! 

Tonight Blossom went first and she was very good about having her ears cleaned and that was a surprise because she usually does not like having that done.  But the funny part was when I put her in the water.  I had picked her up and could feel her little heart beating pretty fast so I was prepared for her to kick and squirm a little.  But no, when I put her in the water she just sat down as if to say, ok let's do it.

She's so funny after a bath.  She feels good and runs around for a while then she will just play and play and play with her toys.  Right now she is laying next to me sound asleep, all fluffy and clean!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bentley's Getting Big!

I had to run by the vet's office this morning to spend a small sum on flea meds and took Bentley along to have him weighed.  And the big guy weighed in at a whopping 13.03 pounds!  Yipee, he is a tweeny!  Since he is just 7 1/2 months old I think there is a good chance he will be a standard (which is 16 pounds).  So we'll see.

Tomorrow is another fun match, this one here in town.  I've been working with him some this week.  Putting him on the patio table and walking him around on the driveway.  I really haven't pushed him, I just want him to be relaxed and have fun right now.  I've registered him for the big local show next month in the puppy class for 6-9 month olds so we will need to really get busy after tomorrow's match.  I really don't care if we win at any of the shows, I just want to have fun and enjoy the dogs!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sawyer: A.K.A. Frog Dog

We were out for one of our nightly walks recently.  I was lost in thought, or as lost in thought as you can be when you have four dogs hooked onto a Pet Walker lead.  I was walking along, not paying attention to the dogs.  Then out of the corner of my eye I realized that Sawyer wasn't walking right, he was kinda bobbing up and down.  When I looked down I realized the problem....there was a frog leg hanging out of his mouth!  UGH,  GROSS, DISGUSTING!  He had picked up a dead "street frog" and was trying to walk along with it in his mouth!  No, no Sawyer leave it!  And don't give me kisses tonight, I know what's been in your mouth.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bentley's first match

Jaydon and I took Bentley to his first dog show today.  It was actually a fun match, just for practice.  We had a good time, even though it was in Austin so we had to do a little driving.  His judge was the same instructor we have here in our ring training class, so that was good but also a little scary since it was like having a test of what we learned.

Bentley was the only long haired dachshund so he came home with a first place ribbon and a best of variety ribbon (easy when you have no competition).  He was spooked by a barking dog the first time and then he refused to walk, so I had to coax him with a treat.  But by the end he was doing good and relaxing.  The judge/instructor suggested taking him to some of the big shows and just letting him get used to the noise.  Here are a few pictures:

What a handsome guy!

Bentley gets judged!

This is a little blurry.  Jaydon made the picture from a distance and I cropped it.  But it shows him waiting for the best of group judging.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shredded Carrots

The dogs and I frequently dine al fresco, time and weather permitting.  One night several weeks ago I had a salad, they had the usual!  As I was almost finished I dropped a piece of lettuce and Blossom pounced on it.  I wondered what she would do with it but didn't expect her to eat it since it had a sun-dried tomato vinagerette type dressing, but she loved it.  So I picked a slivered carrot out of my salad and fed it to her remembering that I had read in several different books that fresh, raw vegetables are okay to feed to the dogs.  She loved it!  Then the others realized that they were missing out on something so I had to pick out a few more carrots.

The next time I went grocery shopping I bought a small bag of shredded carrots (the matchstick size ones).  Yes, I paid extra for pre-prepared vegetables but the small price was far worth my time to stand and chop or drag out the food processor.  So now we frequently are enjoying a snack of carrots and they love them.  It is funny, though, because Sawyer always gets real excited until he tastes one and then he looks at me like, "come on really, you don't expect me to eat this do you?  Is this a treat?" and then he dives in with the rest of the gang.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blossom and Sawyer weigh in

Today was Blossom and Sawyer's annual check up and vaccination appointment.  Drum roll please.....Blossom weighed in at 8 lbs 13 ozs and Sawyer weighed in at 13 lbs 8 ozs.  So we have a mini and a tweenie, so far.  I think the two creams will be tweenies with Bentley possible creeping into a standard dachshund.

Blossom and Sawyer were pronounced healthy and beautiful!  We did come home with 4 doggie toothbrushes so we can begin a brushing routine (hmmmm, I can hardly wait).  And I bought a bag of chewies that are treated with an enzyme to help clean their teeth as Blossom already has slight signs of build up on her teeth.  We did discuss several items including their bed wetting which the vet thinks is just a mental thing (so do I) and she suggested several things to get them motivated to completely go potty when they are supposed to go. 

We also discusssed their dachshund backs, food and supplements.  She suggested giving them a high quality fish oil.  I want to do some reading and research before I do that.  I also want to do some more research on their food.   I feel good about the food they are on, after trying several brands, but I feel like I need to read a little more about the breed specific formulas, too.  She was pleased with their coats and their health so we may just remain on the ProPlan for now.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sawyer's First Visit to the Dog Park

This afternoon Jaydon, Sawyer and I headed out to explore a fairly new park.  We discovered that the park had a dog park and we spent a good deal of time there.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most, the boy or the dog!

We entered the park and then realized that we were in the big dog section.  Sawyer didn't seem to mind when two big dogs rushed up to greet him but we quickly made our way to the small dog park.  There were 7 or 8 dachshunds there, all smooth reds and none of them looked too much like they were pedigree type dogs (always makes me wonder about the "breeder" they came from).  There were several fuzzy poodle types and some small mixed breeds.  Most of the dogs stayed to themselves and just played.  Anyway, Sawyer was very relaxed and after a while I felt comfortable enough to unhook the lead and let him run around.  He enjoyed exploring and never got into any trouble!  He stayed fairly close and always listened and came when I called to him.

The park had a little playhouse/fort that Jaydon just loved.  We couldn't coax Sawyer up the ramp so Jaydon took him up on the top level for a few minutes.  I would love to have a little house like that in my back yard for the dogs to play in, although realistically Jaydon would be the major occupant!

I want to take the other dogs to this park and see how they do.  I've decided that each of my dogs is much calmer and better behaved when they are by themselves.  When they are together I really think the "let's be a party pack" mentality kicks in.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baylee Pictures

I caught Baylee laying by the bricks as I was working on the retaining wall last Saturday.  She was so sweet just laying there that I had to run inside and grab the camera and have a little photo shoot. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unhappy Puppies

I have 4 unhappy little dogs on my hands.  We are having to repeat the 7-day housebreaking routine.  They had done fairly well, with some hit or miss, but the last two weeks it seemed that they had a regression.  When I would take them out they would just chase possums, raccoons, play, eat acorns....anything but do their business.  And then, guess what happened when we came inside!  I'll say no more, it is obvious what I was dealing with.

So, Monday morning we started the "lock down" and they are staying in the kitchen except for potty breaks.  There has been a lot of yelping and sad little faces but this has to be done.  Looking back I realize that I didn't start Sawyer and Blossom right (the puppy pads are a big no no if you want your dog to go potty outside!) and then Baylee picked up their bad habits.  Bentley is fairly well trained, he just won't go to the back door and ask to go out so hopefully this will show him how to ask.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My 4 Doxies!

I'm not sure what they were watching, but it gave me a chance to snap pictures!  I think they are just 4 little peas in a pod!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let's Go Swimming!

This afternoon was warm enough to get out the little wading pool and introduce the dogs to a little water fun.  Sawyer was the first to go in (actually, Jaydon gently put him in) and then Baylee. Then we put Bentley in...he wasn't too sure about it (I think he thought it was a bath!).  Blossom was the last to join the pack and take a dip. They didn't try to jump out, they just enjoyed the cool water.  Later Sawyer got back in for a second time and Jaydon scooped up water in a little bucket and poured it over him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ring Training

Last night Bentley went to his first ring training.  He did great but "Mom" has a lot of learning to do!  I realized that I haven't socialized him enough.  He was very well behaved but very quiet.  When we were still he would sit between my feet (would have made a cute picture) and be very still.  He wasn't too afraid of the other dogs and was willing to exchange nose to nose sniffs with them.  He was hesitant about getting on the table at first but by the last time he was relaxing a little.  As far as being on the floor I realized that he has always walked in the pack and I've never had him on a lead by himself.  But he trotted right along!

After we got home I decided that it was time to get him registered so I got online and got it done.  If approved his official, registered name will be "Splendors Blackbeard Bentley Beau".  Quite a name for a dachshund!

This picture of his back was made April 22nd.  Look how light his color is now! Only his ears and tail have kept the shading.  He still has dark coloring under his chin, thus the name "Blackbeard".   His coat is getting long, thick and just a little wavy.  He's almost as big as Baylee.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun's over for these guys!

The little rascals had demolished the east side of the backyard between the house and the fence.  The grass for some reason had already been struggling but the dogs had almost finished it off.  They had also taken great delight in digging out along the fence on this side of the yard.  My neighbor's dog and the critters of the night had been part of the conspiracy, too.  So I told myself that before the weather gets hot and muggy and the mosquitos move in that I had to build a retaining wall along this fence.  The picture above is the start of the wall.  I also hauled out buckets of dirt and rocks to get this evened out and smooth.  Realistically, there will be a doggie path along the fence but I'm hoping to get the grass to at least return a little. 

While I was working on this the dogs escaped twice!  I was watching them like a hawk because I knew that as I went down the fence I was exposing their little escape holes.  And darn, if they weren't watching me!  If I moved away or even looked away, they were through the hole and gone.  And the next morning I caught them trying to chip away at a small space at the corner of the fence.  I quickly remedied that and we've had no more escapes.  Next weekend I hope to finish this up, fun's over for these little guys.

Oh, I'm sure they will find something else to do that fulfills their adventuresome spirit!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sleepy heads

Three sleepy little pups!  And where is Bentley, you ask?  He's playing, of course, the little energizer puppy never stops!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm ticklish, oooooo, don't do that!

Tonight I was trying to clean out the oak pollen and assorted debris from the dogs' fur before bringing them inside (I had cleaned all day and didn't want it undone when they ran through the house!).  I was using the comb that I use on the cats for lack of anything else to use on them (yes, I know I need to go shopping for dog grooming tools!) and it was working fairly well.  I was also doing a lot of picking with my hands.  When I started working on Bentley he would not be still, he was just squirming around like crazy.  Then I realized that the problem was that he is ticklish!  Especially on his little tummy, and running that comb over his tummy was driving him crazy.  I have to admit he was cute squirming around but I had mercy on him and picked him clean with my hands.  Even then a few times his back paw would start to scratch as I worked on him!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baylee!

Baylee's first birthday was April 14th.  I fell in love with the English Creams the first time I looked at Splendor Farm's web site.  I had never seen them before and was just fascinated with their beauty.  I had seen Baylee's picture on the web site but one afternoon she just called out to me.  That night I sent Kelly an e-mail to see if she was available and almost instantly she answered, yes that she was and would I please, please buy her because she needed a good home.  Kelly explained that she didn't know what to do with her because she was so afraid of the other dogs in the kennel and in her house.  Then I knew why she had called out to me that afternoon!

I'm not sure what had happened in Baylee's short life but she was a victim of kennel trauma!  Kelly reassured me that she would be okay, that she just needed some love.  So I drove over and drove back in one day to get her.  When Kelly handed her to me she was just quivering but she quickly laid down in my lap and relaxed while I talked to Kelly.  I've never regreted the drive because Baylee is so sweet and gentle.  She adapted very quickly to Blossom and Sawyer and was a little skiddish for a while but she just fit right in with us. 

She is quiet and gentle but you have to watch her, too.  She loves to sneak around and find an open trash bag in the kitchen.  She loves to sneak bites of cat food and chases cats with a passion. And when they are outside playing I can hear her going "yip,  yip, yip" in a high pitched, furious mode!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bentley's Hang Up or Just Hanging Out

This morning I went out in the garage for maybe two minutes.  Just long enough to fill the dogs' food bowl with food and Lacey's bowl as she was in the garage.  Just two minutes.  When I came back in the kitchen I noticed that one of the lower cabinet doors was open and Bentley was jumping up and down (or so it seemed) because Shadow was on the counter top.   Only running on one cup of coffee at that time I was not awake so it took a few seconds for it to dawn on me what was happening.....Bentley was caught on the cabinet door handle by his collar and was hanging there. He appeared to be jumping up and down because he was trying to get loose!  I quickly released him and scooped him up.  His little heart was just racing, poor little guy.  Do you think that this adventure will stop him from chasing cats?  No way!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blossom, what are you doing...uh oh, oh no

Last night I was sitting in the chair in the living room working on the computer.  I really should have been doing other things, but oh well.  Suddenly I realized the computer had switched over to battery only.  First I checked to make sure the power cord was plugged into the back of the laptop.  It was.  The computer's been doing some strange things lately so I was a little concerned that it was finally flipping out.  Then I looked down in the floor and realized the problem....Blossom had the power cord in her mouth and was gnawing away.  Oh no, right?  Right.  She had not chewed completely through the cord but had severed enough of the wiring that power was not coming through the cord.  So on my lunch hour today I went to Best Buy and spent $70 on a new power cord.  I couldn't fuss at her because all I could think of was what happened to the cat in "Christmas Vacation."  Blossom, no no leave it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another shot of four little pups and gotcha day

Here is another shot from yesterday's photo shoot.  This is an unedited photo, only cropped. It is going in my favorites folder.

And today is Sawyer and Blossom's first "Gotcha Day".  A year ago today I picked them up from Splendor Farms.  They were so small and so cute.  It has been a fast year, here's to many more my little buddies!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Four not -too-excited pups

NO, they did NOT volunteer for this photo shoot.  After getting exasperated and wishing I had someone to help me but being determined to get a picture of all four I decided to hook their leashes onto the glider and then hook them onto them.  They were not too happy, but made the best of it. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Baylee, Sweet Baylee Cream! 
She just gets sweeter and sweeter!  She has the sweetest face and I noticed tonight that her nose seems to be getting longer.  She is beautiful and everyone wants to take her home!

Sawyer Brown takes a break from the food bowl.  They love to dine "al fresco" in the evenings!  And look at his tail, wow!

Baby Blossom, Mighty Dog, Little Diva! 
She would not raise her ears and look cute for the pictures, so this shot will have to do.

Bentley Beau Bentley
I included this shot to show his face and how much he has changed.

And, since he is the baby he gets two shots on this post.  This one shows how he has grown and how the shading on his back is disappearing.
P.S.  As I previewed this post I noticed that it coincides with the pictures on the side.  It is interesting to compare them and see how they have changed, especially Bentley.