Wednesday, January 28, 2015

News that makes me GRRRR!

Well, there's one thing that gets me writing again and it is getting me irked!  And I was today when I read the articles about Go Daddy! having to pull its Super Bowl ad that featured a lost puppy that manages to find his way home only to learn that he had been sold...via the internet.  If you didn't read the story, the please do!

Honestly, I did not watch the ad, but the description was enough for me.  What irks me is that the people that objected were upset because if featured a pure-bred puppy being sold over the internet.  Their main target was people who breed dogs.  They overlooked the fact that the ad features the puppy being transported in a box in the back of a pick up truck.  I hate to see dogs in the back of a truck and that irked me. So here's what I need to sound off about now:

  • it is okay to buy a pure-bred puppy from a reputable breeder
  • I have never bred a dog and don't plan to.  Leave that to the reputable breeder who understands blood lines, whelping puppies, and nurturing them for those important first weeks
  • while I would not actually buy a puppy over the internet, that is how I found my dogs.  I saw those cute little faces on the Splendor Farms website.  I filled out an application and sent it to Kelly, along with a list of questions.  She e-mailed me back and told me I was asking the right questions to call her the next day.  I did and she answered my questions; I knew she was a good breeder by the answers.  I bought Sawyer and Blossom over the telephone, sight unseen.  Baylee and Bentley were also later bought through e-mail and over the telephone, sight unseen.  AND, I drove 545 miles one way to pick them up.  Kelly does not ship her dogs. My dogs are beautiful, healthy and well adjusted.  They are dachshunds through and through because of her careful breeding (just to note Baylee was actually bred and whelped in another kennel but came to Kelly with her mother and grandmother and siblings, nothing wrong with her either).
See what I'm saying?  You check out the breeder, you ask the questions, and you go pick up your little bundle of joy in person.  The whiners about the ad contorted everything to suit their little personal vendetta against pure-bred dogs.  And, no I have nothing against adopting a rescue dog or a shelter dog. 

And, yes the ad could have been a little better structured to convey the message a little differently (like showing using the internet to reunite a puppy with its owner or showing people looking at a breeder's website and then showing them with the breeder picking up their new puppy).  I bet Go Daddy! is a little more careful with their next ad.  And, just to note the puppy featured actually is owned by an employee and I got the impression from the article that it is a frequent visitor at the company's office. 

And, just for fun here are the pictures of Sawyer and Blossom that were on Kelly's website!  I think they were about 5 weeks old!
Little baby Blossom!
Sweet little Sawyer!


  1. I should go watch the ad but I did see the blow up OMG THEY SOLD A DOG!!!! online. It was a little ridiculous. My grandparents raised dogs when I was young, Norwegian Elk Hounds and beagles. We also raised a litter off a good English Shepherd we had when I was young. I've also allowed my oldest male doxy to be used for breeding and got a puppy in lieu of a stud fee. There's nothing wrong with raising dogs people. But, you do need to have a knowledge of breeding, vaccinations, and the care a puppy needs. You also need to have homes available for those dogs before they ever come in the world if you can. Basically just be a responsible breeder and dog owner. There's my two cents.

    1. Thank you! There's a lot more to it than people realize, and whether you are a breeder or just an owner you have to be responsible.

  2. I agree with you 100%! Olivia was "bought" over the internet. I found her breeder on PuppyFind, asked dozens of questions via email and text, placed a deposit and then went and picked her up. She's amazing and I couldn't be happier.