Friday, December 28, 2012

Not all dog shampoos are alike

I (dachshund Mom) have really bad hair, really bad.  I know all too well that it is a must to use a good shampoo and conditioner.  So why did I think dogs were any different?

Last night was bath night for the 4 pups.  Yes, it was cold outside but I started the baths early in the evening so they were dry and warm again before they had to go outside for a "business" break.  After they were done (and running wildly through the house) I realized that my hands were very dry.  I applied lotion several times and each time my hands just soaked it up.  My hands almost ached they were so dry. 

A little later I settled in on the sofa to read.  As usual the dogs settled in, too.  But I noticed that they were all scratching like crazy.  Then I noticed that while they all looked fluffy and clean, Bentley and Baylee were very fuzzy.  Their coats looked dry, too.  Then it hit me...the shampoo had dried out my hands and their coats.  I had used shampoo bought at PetsMart, thinking that dog shampoo is all the same.

After the fact I remembered that I had bought some shampoo and conditioner for Bentley at one of the dog shows.  It had aloe vera and oatmeal in it and made his coat very soft and manageable.  I definitely need some more of it for the next bath, lesson learned!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seek and Destroy update

While the human Mom has been busy with school and then getting ready for Christmas we've been busy, too, doing our part with our plan to seek and destroy everything on the planet Dachshund.

First, we destroyed this thing called a "Purr Pad".  We're not exactly sure what it was suppossed to be but it came in the box with some new beds that our Mom ordered for us.  Just to note, we have not destroyed the beds because they are way too warm and comfy, at least for now they are not to be destroyed.  Mom put this Purr Pad thing on our sofa, we think she thought the cats would sleep on this thing and their fur would stay off the sofa.  But we had other plans when she left the room.  We did a remarkable job of getting a large hole in it and shredding it into clumps in just a few minutes.  Why she didn't like our handy work we don't know.
Then came the Christmas tree.  O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree how we love the presents under your branches.  But our plan to seek, destroy, and lift hind legs on the presents was foiled when one of the moveable, stand alone gates was spread around the tree.  We hate those things.
This morning we really out did ourselves!  While Mom was getting ready for work one of us (Sawyer?) pulled a Berenstein Bears book off the shelf and ate a hole in the middle of the cover.  Others pulled a sheet of stickers off the book shelf and then performed a shred-ectomy.  Oh, yes we ate a few, too.  MMMMMM.  But our final crowning glorious task was to take the unopened package of sequins and beads off the little table in the living room.  One of us (Bentley?) took it to the sofa and choose to open the red sequins and the tiny red beads.  They looked so beautiful strewn all over the sofa.  Very Christmassy, we thought!  When Mom walked in the room she was very upset with us but we don't understand why. 
Oh well, tomorrow is another day and we will be on the look out for more things to use to practice our seek and destroy techniques

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A House of Two-Year Olds

I realized this morning that right now all the dogs are two years old!  Bentley turned two in early November and until Sawyer and Blossom turn three in February all four dogs are the same age.  Thank goodness dogs don't go through the "terrible twos" like children.  For the most part they are all adult dogs and the puppy years are behind them, although I still think of them as puppies.
Having multiple dogs has been an adventure, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine just having one little doggie face to greet me when I come home at night; neither can I imagine only walking one dog.   I'm a firm believer in having two dogs (same with cats) since they do to keep each other company and it just seems right. Yes, I know, I have four right now but that's okay, too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting the Christmas picture done (early)

Last year I didn't get the dogs' Christmas picture made until almost New Years.  By the time I got the cards and mailed them out it was, well, let's just say early to mid-January.  I really was embarrassed but was determined to send out a card as I had done the first year we were together.  I made a note to myself that I would not be late with the picture taking/card sending going forward.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I realized that I had a little time that afternoon when I could try to shoot a picture.  Yes, I had many other things I should be doing but I decided that it was time to get out the tripod and have a doggie photo shoot. The day was overcast so the light was perfect.  I had wanted to take them somewhere and do the picture in a scenic my dreams, right?  So I set up a little Christmas scene on the much used glider in the back yard and commenced to shoot.

I'm happy to say that in the short time I had to do this that it got done.  I ordered the pictures the next day and the cards are here, ready to be addressed and mailed.    While the project is done I have to confess that 1)  the dogs would have looked better had they been bathed but it was either bathe the dogs or take the picture that afternoon 2) I did not edit the picture.  All I did was crop.  No pulling one dog from one frame and putting together a composite shot.  This is the way they really look.  I'm not thrilled with the picture but it isn't too bad either.  At least for this year I've kept my resolution!

Blogger has decided that I've used up all my free picture space so until I figure out what to do here I have no pictures to share (boo).

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm tired

I haven't been posting as much as I would like, haven't been reading blogs as much as I would like.  Life is busy.  Between the non-productive job, school and preparing for Thanksgiving I've been busy.   And, I'm tired, too!

I had to smile this afternoon when I saw Blossom sleeping in the crate.  She never sleeps in the crate during the day, so I knew she was really tired.

"It is not easy being cute all the time"

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sofa change

Have you ever looked under the sofa cushions for change? Tonight I moved the sofa for a much needed cleaning of the floor underneath.  I won't go into what all I found under there but let's just say there were quite a few unfinished raw hide bones!  The dogs were ecstatic!  This was their version of finding change in the sofa cushions!  They all chewed and chewed and have now passed out, probably dreaming of the next sofa cleaning!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to get your dogs to eat

This is easy.  Your dog won't eat?  Easy solution:  feed them kitty kibble.  Yes, that's right.  Feed them kitty kibble.  That's what I did last night and the dogs chowed down.  No, it was not intentional.  It was an absent minded mistake!

This group of dogs is so different with their eating practices.  Every dog that I've ever had expected to be fed at a specific time each evening.  If I didn't fill the food bowl at precisely the appointed time the dog(s) would (a) sit by the bowl and stare at me or (b) run around me in circles until I got with the program and fed them.  Then they would begin to eat as soon as the food was in the bowl.  But not this group of dogs.  I can feed them early or late and they don't care; they never get concerned about the empty food bowls unless it is getting really late. When I do fill the bowls they don't get too excited.  Meal time is a leisurely experience.  I know it is not a good practice but I just leave the bowls down for an hour or more until they have finished. 
Last night I had school.  And a final exam.  Plus I was thinking about work, Thanksgiving, house cleaning, tree trimming and everything under the sun except what I was doing.  I fed the dogs before I left for school, putting yogurt and oatmeal topping on top of each bowl of kibble.  Before I left I looked in the kitchen and the bowls were almost empty.  Bently and Blossom were just gobbling down the food.  Wow, I thought, they must have been really hungry.  So I went back to re-fill one of the bowls with a little more kibble just in case one of them didn't get enough. 
And then I realized what I had done:  I had filled their bowls with the kibble that Lacey eats.  No wonder they were gobbling down their food.  What a treat for them!  I'm sure they were expecting the same tonight when I filled their bowls, how disappointed they were!  No more kitty kibble for you, my dears!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I didn't do it

Really, look at me.  I'm just that sweel little warm, brown, fuzzy puppy that rode home from Louisiana in your lap.  I'm not a b.d. (bad dog).  Now, look Mom, just because I've learned to climb over the baby gate on one side of the kitchen and then push aside the stand alone gate when you leave doesn't mean I'm a b.d.  Come on, give me credit.  I thought it was pretty smart.  And I didn't do anything while I was loose in the house. 
No, it was that silly little Blossom dog who went under the gate after I got out and then she proceeded to shred your Sunday paper.  So don't blame me for that.  She was also the one that did the poop in the dining room, I know it was her, she did it! It's not my fault, I didn't do it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our New Way to Travel

Our human mom got a new car.  But, dog-gone it, she makes us ride in a crate in the back.  No more breathing on the windows and piling into her lap while she drives, or so she says.  We'll see how long this crate thing lasts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Poor Sawyer

I felt so bad for Sawyer last night.  I had school and couldn't get out of the office a little early like I usually do, so I was on a tight schedule to get home, let the dogs out and get back out the door.  I fed the dogs because I never know what time I will get home and I feel bad if it is late and they haven't eaten.  Then I decided to eat two pieces of cold pizza, just in case class ran late (which it did, glad I ate the pizza).  I was standing at the sink, eating the pizza; all the dogs, except Sawyer, were eating.  He was standing in the laundry room by the door into the garage.  I asked him what he was doing, and he just looked at me and wagged his tail.  The scene continued for a minute or two and then he began to whine.  He has a soft whine, but it is a very sad little whine.  Then I realized what he wanted...he wanted to go for a walk.  He had been looking up at the dryer the whole time he was standing there - his harness and the lead was on top of the dryer.  Then I felt so bad because I knew there would be no walk for him.  I felt like a real bad doggie-mama when I put them in the kitchen when I left a few minutes later.  Poor Sawyer, he is such a sweet-hearted dog and he just wanted a walk.

Sawyer loves to run the fence when the neighbor's dogs are out.  When I tell him to "leave it" or to "get away from the fence"  he always gives me this look.  I think he is saying, "Aw Ma, do I have to?  Don't you understand - there are dogs on the other side of our fence!"

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Dog's Simple Sunday

In today's post on Small Simple Things I didn't mention what the dogs were doing.  The girls curled up this morning and settled in for a little nap, just a simple thing.

And where were the boys while the girls were snoozing so soundly?  Sacked out on the sofa, after all they are sofa sleepers!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I am not a dog

I don't know why everyone thinks I'm a dog.  Okay, I know I have four short little legs and I walk on all four and I just happen to have a body shaped like these other creatures who really are dogs.  But I am not a dog.  Look into my face, look at my eyes.  Don't you see, I'm not a dog.

I am Baylee, the beautifully elegant ... well, I don't know what I am, but I am not a dog.  

If these other creatures were not here I know that my life would be so different.  For one thing, I would not have to sleep in the kitchen with that Sawyer boy-dog.  I would have my own little crate next to my human Mama's bed.  And I'm sure I would not have to eat that kibble food, although it really isn't too bad when it is mixed with some sweet potatoes or fresh veggies. Plus, I would not have to tolerate the wild playing and rough housing that goes on between the creatures.  Do you really think I enjoy having you pull on my ears and roll me around?  Enough of that nonsense!

And that Bentley boy-dog, good grief, he will not leave me alone.  I know he just adores me, but I really get tired of his flirting and what is with that trying to jump on my back.  Really, guy, I'm spayed and not interested in that stuff.  Thank goodness my Mama doesn't crate me with him.  He just can't leave me alone.  He is a dog, I am not.

The only itsy-bitsy thing that might make me be like a dog is that I love the trash.  If I find a bag waiting by the door to be taken out, it is all mine!  Rip, rip, rip and it is all out and over the floor!  Mmmm, garbage. But my fondness of trash is just my little secret.  Oh, did I mention that I love to chase cats, too.  But I am not a dog!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blossom's Ears

Blossom is over 2 1/2 years old, so she is now an adult and her coat has reached its max, so to speak.  It is nice but not over luxurious either.  However, her ears and tail are amazing!  Last night I was experimenting with the camera and she just happened to pose so I could shoot her ears.  They were not combed and she needs a bath, but while I could get her to look at me I took pictures!

Blossom says, "Ha ha!  I may be a might mini diva dog but my ears can beat your ears any day!"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Several thoughts on dog ownership

I made a late afternoon trip to PetsMart to buy the usual stuff (food, cat litter,toys) and I remembered that I have been meaning to write this post ever since the Reliant show.  It is a usual thing for PetsMart to have an adoption going on on Saturday but today they had probably 30 or more dogs for adoption.  They had big dogs and small dogs, no really young puppies.  There were lots of cats and kittens, too. Since it was late in the day I had the feeling that most of these would be going  back to either a shelter or their foster homes.   I didn't stop to really look at the dogs, it just breaks my heart to think that they need a good, loving home.  I know my house is full, so I have to just keep walking!
Thought #1:  I've always been a supporter of the spay/neuter concept.  All of my animals, with the exception of Bentley, are spayed or neutered.  When Bentley finishes (no wait, when I give up!) then I will have him neutered, too.  I've had several people in the neighborhood ask me if I want to breed him and I always have to think "no, not to your quite right dachshund that obviously has some mysteries in the family tree".  If all dog owners spayed/neutered their dogs there wouldn't be so many dogs looking for homes.  Leave the breeding to experts who understand bloodlines and genetics!

Thought #2:  These dogs are the first dogs that I've had that were purebred dogs (other than the poodle that wandered up one night).  I've always had shelter dogs or little mutt dogs.  They were all good dogs.  

If you research your breed you will know about the characteristics of the breed and any special needs they have.  For example, dachshunds bark and burrow because they were bred to hunt small animals that lived underground.  They are also known to be stubborn, but really they are just intelligent, independent thinkers.  And, the standard dachshund can have serious back problems.

If you buy a purebred dog from a reputable breeder you will meet the parents and you will have all your questions answered about the breed and your puppy.  The breeder can tell you about the puppy's bloodlines and your puppy will be well socialized, too.  You will know what to expect from your dog and how to approach training.

I have nothing but good things to say about supporting a shelter, but I have also come to realize the value of a purebred dog.

Thought #3:  At the Reliant show there were the show dogs and vendors, lots of good vendors.  But there were several long rows of rescue groups with booths set up.  Of course, they all had dogs there that were available for adoption.  I told another steward that I was walking around with that I had learned it was best not to make eye contact with any of the dogs!  I couldn't stay in the rescue area very long, it was just too sad for me!  But I was also reminded what wonderful, loving people work with rescue programs.  Most of the dogs are in foster homes because their owners just couldn't keep them but wanted them to have a loving home.  Sometimes, though, the former owner didn't research the breed before getting the dog and they weren't prepared for the dog's behaviors and attitudes.  I spent several minutes with the dachshund group and thought to myself that if I didn't already have a houseful how easy it would be to take a rescue dog for a pet.

So I need to conclude this lengthy post.  Here's the main point:  Do not buy a puppy in a pet store or along side the road.  If you want a shelter dog, check out the dog carefully since you don't know where the dog came from and what breed characteristics he may have.  Only buy a purebred dog from a reputable breeder.  Consider adopting a rescue dog, too.  And please, spay or neuter your dog as soon as they are old enough.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bentley, Eat your egg

I still have this idea that I can make Bentley into a show dog.  Kinda like a "Rocky" or "Karate Kid" story, the little underdog that makes it big.  I know, I know but I can always dream, right?  He is a good looking dog and, for the most part, does well in the ring.  I keep thinking that if I can get some weight on him and get his coat to look a little better that he might at least get a few points. 

There are some fall shows coming up so I decided to get serious about getting him ready.  Step one:  diet.  One thing that I really haven't been doing is feeding the dogs an egg on a regular basis.  It is easy enough to open a can of green beans and divide it among their bowls.  Same with yogurt or matchstick carrots.  So tonight as I was boiling some eggs for my lunches I decided that I would make several extra for the dogs.  When I divide food among the dogs I always wonder if everyone really gets a fair portion since they all eat out of each other's bowls.  So to make sure that Bentley really got a whole egg I decided to resort to a little sneakiness.  I had seen him and Sawyer standing by the back door earlier so I took one of the eggs in my hand and opened the door without calling them.  Sawyer had disappeared but Bentley was still close by and he went out with me.  First part of the mission was successful!
I led him away from the door so the others couldn't see him get the egg.  I knew that they would get theirs later so I didn't feel too sneaky. I held out the egg expecting him to take it and proceed to chomp it down.  No, instead he just smelled and licked it.   I finally had to break it up in chunks for him and then he started to eat it.  But he ate it very slowly and very politely.  It took him several minutes to finish the one egg!  I think he realized he had no competition so he didn't need to gobble but I also wondered if deep down inside he is just a well-mannered little house dog that has to be Mr. Big Stuff with his peers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crates & Gates

I have a large wire crate in my breakfast room.  No problem.  I have baby gates in various doorways.  No problem.  I have stand alone gates that move from place to place, too. No problem.

When I first got the dogs I did a lot of reading about crate training.  I had never crate trained a dog, but I felt sure that it was the right thing to do for my new little puppies.  One of the articles pointed out that using a crate for your dog was no different than putting your baby in a crib or a playpen.  Aha!  The light went on for me.  Why do we put babies in playpens?  So they are safe and can't get into anything while we are occupied with another task (like laundry and dishes). 

The article continued with the same idea about using a gate to secure the area where you wanted the dog to stay.  Why do we put up gates when there is a baby in the house?  To keep them out of unsafe areas and to set their boundaries.  Same thing for dogs; it is a practicle way of preventing accidents and destruction and a way to keep the dogs safe, too. 
Sometimes I think that I shouldn't have to block off rooms with a gate in the doorway, the dogs should know better than to go in a room and get into something they should not be into.  But they are dogs and dogs will be dogs!
Speaking of puppies - I was excited to find this picture of little Blossom (It was digitally mis-filed in some campinig pictures). It was made in late April 2010 so she was about 10 weeks old. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What we've been doing

The 4-pack here...human Mama has been busy and not writing so she's letting us write!  Yippee!  So here's what we've been doing while she's working, doing school and having fun over Labor Day.

Baylee:  I went to the vet for my 2-year check up.  My gotcha day was early in August so my check ups are in August.  The vet told me I'm very healthy but I've gained 13 ounces so I have to get back into the walking habit.  I also had no poop to donate for a sample but, oh well, I probably don't have any parasites since no one else around here does.

Blossom:  I've been busy sunning myself in little sunny spots on the deck whenever I go outside.  I like to lay there until I'm really hot and panting!  Mmmm feels so good!  And, oh yes, Aunt Carole was here for a visit and I did a big puddle of pee-pee in her room!  I just couldn't resist not having a gate across the guest room door!

Sawyer:  I've been real busy running the fence these days when I go outside.  Two dogs have moved into the house behind us.  A pug and (I think) a lab or some kind of good size dog.  It is my duty to defend my property from those little pesks. I bark real loud and run real fast, so I think I'm doing a great job! I've also perfected the technique of moving the stand alone doggie gate in the kitchen!

Bentley:  Hey, I'm just one good looking fun loving dachshund, you know.  I entertained Aunt Carole by licking her toes as much as I could get away with.  I just love to lick bare skin.  I don't understand why I get fussed at for licking!  I've decided that I just need to ignore my human Mama for the most part.  Doesn't she understand that I'm an independent thinker and I don't need her to manage me?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Dreaded Nail Trim

The temperature has come down, thank heaven, so I can think about getting outside again.  Tonight I decided it was time to comb everyone and to trim their toenails (a paw-di-cure!).  I know from past experience to leave Sawyer until last since he does not like to be primped.  I combed the other three and then cut Miss Blossom's toenails.  She just looked at me with her big eyes like she was thinking that she just wanted the ordeal to be over with quickly.  Baylee was next but after I picked her up I remembered that she goes to the vet next week for a check up so I'll let them do hers. Then I realized that both of the boys had disappeared.  When I looked around I had to laugh - they were both sitting in the yard like statues!  I know that they were thinking that they were invisible and I wouldn't be able to find them! But they were found and had the dreaded nail trim!  And guess who was the best behaved of all four...Sawyer!

The All-Around Good Dog!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blossom, what are you doing?

I had forgotten about taking this picture of Blossom using the computer (Jaydon staged it, can you tell?).  It was fun to find it in my picture stash!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cheese Lovers

I love cheese, just about any kind.  I like it on food, in food, and as a snack.  If I want a snack before bedtime I usually eat cheese, either a few slices from a deli bought cheese or a few cubes carved off a block.  Since this is an acceptable snack for the dogs I usually share a few bites with them, and they love it!

Since Jaydon has been gone and I was travelling during July I did not grocery shop.  If I ran out of something I didn't worry about replacing it.  Cheese was a non-essential item so when it was gone, it was gone. Well, yesterday I was pretty much out of everything so I went grocery shopping.  Last night, close to the 10 o'clock news time, I went in the kitchen to prep the coffee and do a few pre-morning chores.  When I was done I opened the refrigerator and the tray where I keep the cheese.  Instantly, I had four little noses trying to get in the tray!  I didn't say anything (they know the word cheese), I just reached down and opened the tray.  How did they know that I had bought cheese and that it was down in the tray again?

I have to think that they are just pretty darn smart! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Only Hang-Up

Bentley here, again.  Mom said I could do another post as long as it is short.  And, no pictures...well maybe one.

Mom told me I'm a good traveler and a great companion.  I don't get car sick anymore, but Mom still keeps a towel handy and she doesn't feed me very much before I ride either.  I usually ride in her lap, like I did on the trip home from Louisiana when I was a puppy but I don't fit so comfortably now.  On the way home Sunday I was so tired that I did curl up on the passenger seat and sleep for almost an hour, wow!  I'm good in the hotel, only bark a little and no uh-oh's anywhere either.  Of course, I make friends and attract admirers where ever I go!

However, we did have a little episode after we got home.  The other dogs were still at the resort, so it was just me and mom.  After being constantly with my mom and sleeping in that big ole bed for two nights my mom put me in the crate when bedtime came on Sunday night.  Can you believe it?  She locked me in the crate.  I hate to be in the crate by myself and she knows that.  It is the one thing that I just can't deal with.

First she had tried to just put me in the kitchen but she only put one gate out and I pushed it aside.  I quickly ran to her bed and jumped on top of her and smothered her with kisses.  I thought she was happy to see me because she actually let me stay on the bed for a while.   But then she told me I was moving around too much so she put me in the crate, all by myself.  That's okay though I got even with her.  I cried, yipped, yapped, howled, barked, and scratched on the crate until 4:30 a.m.  Ha ha on her, her alarm goes off at 5:30!  And, just to show her when she put me outside at 5:30 I threw myself against the glass door and had another total doggie meltdown with my loudest barking ever.  I think she got the message because she came right outside with her coffee and sat on the glider with me.  Ah, my mama loves me again!

Here I am in black and white.  Mom tried to put this picture on a blog hop but didn't do it right so she's sharing it here.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bentley's Saturday

Bentley here, on the road with human Mom!  Mom feels real proud of herself that she has finally made me tired, and, to tell the truth, I am worn out, so to speak.  Seven hours in the car yesterday and a night in a hotel (had to bark at every noise you know, and I had to lick Mom's face frequently, too) made me tired before the day started.

There are a lot of dogs in our hotel and they started making noise in the hall around 6:00 a.m.  At 6:30 Mom got up and took me out for a little walk.  Then, OMG!, she bathed me in a big walk in shower.  I wasn't too sure about that, and neither was she but I turned out nice and clean!  Then she brought me some egg from the breakfast downstairs.  Yum, that is a treat!

Then we headed out for a morning adventure.  We went down a back road over to Marshall Pottery.  Mom read on the internet that they were pet friendly so she didn't have to sneak me in in the stroller.

 After doing some shopping we were back in the car.  Mom stopped to make some pictures of old buildings and then we went back to our hotel to get ready for the dog show.

Here I am relaxing before my moment in the ring!

There were a lot of long-haired dachshunds at this show.  There were 2 of us in my class today, and I got second place.   After we got back to the car Mom told me the judge was blind because I was clearly the better dog and  Mom was a much better handler.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another judge.

We went back to our hotel and laid down for a nap.  Mom said it was too hot to do anything and she could tell I was tired.  To her amazement, I actually laid down with her and napped.

After Mom did some checking on the internet we started out to a nearby state park.  On the way she kept seeing signs for Lake 'O the Pines so we headed down another small road to find the Lake instead.  Mom likes adventures like that, and I think I do, too.  We found the lake and got out and walked around.  It was still very hot but we explored a little.

I'm standing under a huge tree that had branches that touched the ground almost all the way around!

We drove back to Longview and went back to the convention center where the dog show is being held to make some evening pictures.  Mom had me on a long lead and since there wasn't any one around and no traffic to worry about she dropped the lead and let me explore this little park.  She said that I needed to just have some quiet time to explore and run around.

There was a little pond with a water spray in the middle; I wasn't interested in it but Mom said that if Sawyer had been there he would have headed right into the water.  Silly dog, thinks he is a duck.

Let's call it a day! 

Now it is late and (yawn) and I need to go to sleep!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home again!

I just got home from the Reliant Show. I think the dogs must have a wild time at their "resort" because they have already passed out and we just got home! Too many all night bark parties at that place!  

When I left them on Thursday they were not happy with me.  Sawyer saw them coming for him and wrapped the lead around my legs and then sat between them thinking he was safe.  He even managed to break away and try to run back to me after being led away but he was quickly captured!  And Blossom managed her biggest little dog growl at everybody, but nobody was fooled!

When I picked them up today there was a lot of barking and jumping when they came out of the kennel area.  Trying to get them hitched up was crazy.   To tell the truth, I was glad to see them, too!  While working at the show from time to time a dog would come up and nudge my leg for attention and the handler would usually apologize.  My reply was always, "it's ok, I'm a dog person!" but really it made me feel good to feel a cold wet nose and to use that as an introduction to scratch a muzzle.

To conclude here is a picture of what greets you in a dog friendly hotel:  TREATS AND PICK UP BAGS!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Where to get a Snuggle Sack

I ran into the "Snuggle Sack" lady today at the Reliant show.  If you want a Snuggle Sack for your dog or cat here is her information:

Doggin' It Designs
phone 618-841-6048

Call her or e-mail her and tell her what you want.  She can give you sizes and fabric choices.

Her prices are very reasonable.  And, I asked her what is inside the rim to make it stay open.  It is NOT wire, it is rows of stitching that make it stiff,  So they are completely safe!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bentley and the crate

On Saturday Bentley showed around 10 a.m. and I had to start steward work at 11 a.m.  I knew I wouldn't be done until around 4:30 p.m. and would have to crate him while I worked.  I can leave him briefly in the little green carrier, but it is not really large enough to leave him for any length of time.  So, even though I had told myself I wasn't spending any more money on dog stuff, I bought a collapsible 24-inch wire crate.  I have a 24-inch crate but it has to be assembled and it is a pain and usually the door won't latch; the collapsible crate is much better!

I can't have him with me while I'm working, but I couldn't bear to leave him unattended for that long in the grooming area.  He would have thought I had "abandoned" him and flipped out.  Sounds silly, but dogs have feelings and emotions.  I know a lot of people leave their dogs crated in these areas during the day and even overnight, but I can't do that to my dog.  So I parked his crate (on the cart) in the aisle between the rows of rings.  This area is a prep area for dogs entering the ring and the rules state that dogs can't be left in this area after the competition ends for their breed.  However, I was willing to try it.  I put him behind me so I could glance over my shoulder and watch him. 

At first he stared at me just like in this picture above.  Mom, why are you doing this to me.  At one point I heard him scratching and another time or two he was barking and I had to tell him to hush.  The ring had a short break so I got up to go to the bathroom.  I stopped to pet him through the crate and talk to him first.  As I did a lady came up to me and asked me if Bentley was my dog.  I remembered that several times when I had glanced at him I had noticed her talking to him.  I told her, yes he was mine. She had been worried that he really was abandoned!  I chatted for a moment and thanked her for her concern

The last two breeds to show were German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds, big dogs.  I heard Bentley barking just as the German Shepherds were starting and looked around to see a guy letting his 2 dogs tease Bentley.  I'm not sure if it was intentional or if he wasn't paying attention.  I couldn't leave the table, but after a minute or two I was ready to just yell out at the guy to watch his dogs.  About that time he pulled them away.  Grrrrrr!

Bentley just couldn't deal with the big dogs (can't blame him, really) so as soon as the ring next to us was done and I had a chance to get up, I moved the cart over next to it.  He sat quietly until my ring was done and at that time I got up and pulled him over to me.  While we were closing the ring one of the men who had showed an Australian Shepherd came over to me and said that he should have realized that Bentley was my dog by the way he was staring at me!  He said he had been watching Bentley and that he had never taken his eyes off of me!  We laughed and then I asked him, "do you think this dog is spoiled?" and the other steward quickly replied, "no way".  There was lots of laughter from everyone!

Good boy, Bentley!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Snuggle Sack - part 2

I promise this will be the last post about the Snuggle Sacks!  Well, maybe but these dogs keep looking so dog-gone cute in and on them!  They just love them and can't stay out of them or off, either! So here are a few more pictures:

Okay buds, let's all get in here and party!
And who is this you ask?  Baby-girl!  She was napping here when I got home today!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Snuggle Sack

I've just spent three days at the dog show here in town.  I showed Bentley twice and worked as a Steward twice, too.  Since I've been going to the shows for the last year I am familiar with most of the vendors and the stuff they sell, but I still like to look.  I felt guilty because my first purchase was for me; a Laurel Burch bag and a scarf (had to have, right?).  Yesterday I needed a crate pad to go in the new collapsible crate that I bought to use for Bentley.  There were several vendors with pads so I shopped around.  One was offering "Snuggle Sacks".  I wasn't sure if my pack would actually snuggle in it but Sawyer is a burrower so I thought I would get it for the crate and then take it home to see the reaction.  Well, they love it!  I'm going back to the show briefly today and plan to get another one!

Blossom was the first to try it out!

Sawyer actually played in it.  He would burrow into it, spin around, come out and then burrow again!
Bentley stuck his head in briefly.  I think he associates this with the crate so he wasn't too interested.  (More on the crate in another post)

Baylee tried it out this morning.  She pulled Foxie over to the sack and then curled up in it!
I did have to spray it with Bitter Apple because, as usual, they were chewing on it.  Usually the Bitter Apple is like a seasoning to them but it did stop them, at least for a while.  I will not leave it in the crate or with them when they are confined in the kitchen because there is some kind of metal wire inside the edge that helps to keep it open and I would not want them to chew through the sack and get whatever is inside!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick, run and hide. It's bath time!

I bathed all four dogs tonight.  I don't know if I was just on a roll or what!  I decided that while the bathtub was already dirty and everything was out I might as well do all four.  I accomplished this in less than an hour, too.  For some reason I've never thought to photograph the dogs during their baths so tonight I grabbed the camera and here's what I got:

Blossom was first
I didn't get her picture until she was already out of the tub.  Here she is, all clean and ready to run and roll on every rug she can find!  She loves bath time and will usually just sit down in the tub while I bath her.  Little diva!

Bentley got shampoo and conditioner
I had bought some shampoo and conditioner made with aloe and oatmeal at a recent show.  Since he is showing this weekend I thought I would try it out.  I'll report on it later.  He is used to fairy regular baths, ah the life of a show dog.

Sawyer, not too happy

Sawyer figured out what was going on and hid from me.  He does not like baths or pawdicures, no girly stuff for this big boy.  As hard as he tried to pout he still couldn't help closing his eyes while I lathered him up and gave him a little massage.

Sweet Baylee, all wet
Baylee was last.  She is a good doggie in the bath tub and always looks even more beautiful after she gets scrubbed and clean.

One of the first questions I asked Kelly before I got Blossom and Sawyer was about how much grooming long haired dachshunds require.  Her response, very little.  They need a bath about once a month and do not stink like regular dogs.  I try to comb them every few days but it only takes a minute or so for each dog.  If I don't comb them they do get matts in their ears and around their rear legs.  I also clean out their ears with each bath, but that is quick and easy to do.  Like most dogs they need a pawdicure every now and then, too.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Simple joy - water running down the street

I probably should put this on my other blog about life's simple joys but the dogs discovered a simple way to have fun tonight while we were on our walk.  As we passed a side street I noticed that there was a fairly sizable stream of water starting to flow from the side street down to where we were and on down the way to a drainage ditch.  Yep, as soon as Sawyer saw the water he was running full force to it, dragging me, the other dogs and the stroller right to the water!

As we followed the path of the water they had so much fun running and playing in the water.  Although it didn't look over an inch deep their undersides still got wet! What fun to run through the water on a summer evening and to be cooled off!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shoes, kitchen trash, Legos and knitting needles

Okay, so what do those four items have in common?  Of course, that's right!  They have all been destroyed by the dogs. 

I finally have learned not to leave my shoes out, especially the expensive dressy ones.  I've learned that lesson the expensive way!  If the shoe is in the floor, eat it they say!  Shoes go in the closet.

Last Sunday afternoon while chatting on the phone with my sister I heard a noise in the kitchen.  I didn't really pay attention or get up to go see what it was.  Well, it was the sound of a bag of trash being pulled over!  The bag was tied up and ready to go out but Blossom had other plans.  By the time I got in the kitchen there was trash everywhere (and bacon grease, too).  I know better than to leave a bag of trash out, trash goes in the can in the garage!

I think Legos must be a delicacy for the dogs.  They just love to munch on them.  I know that Legos have no scent but I think the dogs can smell them.  No matter how careful we are to pick them all up, it seems that they always find one or two.  Legos go in the closet, too!

Congratulations, Blossom!  You have now eaten 4 sets of circular knitting needles.  Does the bamboo taste good?  Yes, the metal ones were a little tough but you managed to at least eat the cord on them.  The last ones were tucked into the basket, with the lid closed, but that didn't stop you, did it? Now they are in a zipper bag in the basket, but wait you eat zippers, too don't you. Knitting and knitting needles go up high, away from little doggie noses!

Oh well, just one event after another for our pack!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sawyer "plays possum" and walking with the stroller

Sawyer gave me quite a fright this morning.  Now, I do not wake up easily; I run on auto-pilot for at least an hour and/or until the first two cups of coffee kick me awake.  This morning I stumbled into the kitchen, opened the crate and the gate into the kitchen just like every morning.  Three dogs started their morning greeting, in the dark.  Sometimes Sawyer (like me!) is a little slow to rise and shine but this morning he was just laying on his bed, on his side with legs straight out.  I called his name and still no movement.  Not awake at all, I wondered what was wrong with him.  He was perfectly fine at bedtime. I called his name again, no response.  Now I'm thinking that I've lost him, my beloved Sawyer companion.  Not willing yet to accept this fact I call his name, loudly and sharply.  Well, up jumps Sawyer and looks around with a puzzled look like, "what happened, I must have overslept".  He must have been in deep sleep because he was out, playing possum as my grandmother used to say!

So what else happened today in doggie world? I decided to take the dog stroller along tonight on our walk.  Baylee seems to really struggle on our walks, she keeps up but I know it is an effort.  She is too heavy for me to carry and to handle the other three.  Plus it is warm and she is warm and very furry so I just can't carry her.  I started out pushing the stroller with one hand and the dogs on the other.  But the stroller is a three-wheeler and really needs two hands to control it.  So I clipped the leads onto the clip on the stroller.  When Baylee got tired I put her in the stroller.  She loved it!  I had to be ready to intervene quickly if the others decided to veer off to smell something!  Baylee jumped out at one point, bumped her head but it didn't seem to phase her at all.  Blossom had a turn in the stroller but she really likes to walk. I stopped to talk to some dachshund owners tonight, too. Just one problem:  As we neared my house they saw Lacey and decided they really needed to chase her.  Baylee jumped out of the stroller, all three bolted and then the flimsy clip on the stroller broke.  Ha ha, though, the joke was on them because tethered together they didn't go very far very fast!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playing Outside

Four dachshunds playing outside.  Baylee was tied to the stroller, the other three were on the tie out.

Sawyer, always a sweetheart.  I just love his sweet eyes and easy going attitude.

He loves the smells in the grass.  Right as I snapped this he began to roll around and around in the grass!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sawyer & Blossom's check up

Yesterday Sawyer & Blossom had their 2 year check up and got their bordetella vaccinations.  Blossom weighed in at over 10 pounds (still a mighty mini!) and Sawyer tipped the scales (almost literally!) at over 16 pounds.  I was excited until the vet asked me why he had gained so much weight and what were we going to do to lose some of it.  

I blamed the grain-free food, which was the truth.  It added weight to all the dogs except Bentley.  I had already decided to put the dogs back on the Eukanuba Dachshund formula and the visit to the vet confirmed the decision.  We have also gotten out of the walking habit except for walks at the park so that needs to become a habit again. After I thought about the weight gain I decided that I'm not worried.  He really isn't over weight, but I do need to keep an eye on it.

As we went into the vets office I was carrying Blossom but Sawyer was on the ground.  He was bouncing along until we got to the door of the vets office.  Then he just stopped and refused to go through the door!  After we got inside the exam room Blossom started growling.  She sounded like a really big dog and everyone had a good laugh.  But she was really funny while the vet was examining her, she was shaking like crazy.  Poor doggie!

Otherwise, my two little piebald babies are healthy.  The vet observed that both were very well behaved!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here's what they're thinking...

I have this picture in the album that rotates for the desktop background on my work computer.  All the pictures either make me smile or remind me of a place I would like to be.  Today when I saw this picture it made me smile, but then I had to start laughing.  Now I know these fellas well enough that I know what they were thinking while I struggle to get this picture.

Blossom:  Am I in trouble?  Is this time out?
Sawyer:  Can I go now, I need to go chase those squirrels.
Baylee:  Am I going to get a treat because I look so cute?
Bentley: Hey, what's going on here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday at the park

I had planned to go to a guided nature walk at one of the parks this morning; however, it started at 8 a.m. and that was just a tad too early this morning!  So a while later I took Bentley and Sawyer over to the park for a walk. There was a lot of crying and carryin-on by the girls who were left behind, but they will get their turn soon.

I made a few pictures but learned a lesson.  If I want to make pictures of a dog there needs to be just one dog. And for best results the pictures need to be made in the late afternoon when the light is softer.  But just for the record here are a few from today:

There was a lot of stopping to sniff and smell.

Bentley paused briefly on top of this rock.

More sniffing and smelling.
After the walk (which was probably about a mile) I took them into the dog park.  They weren't too enthusiastic about being there.  They might have just been tired, but it occurred to me that the last time they were there they weren't overly excited either.  I think it is because they are a "pack" all the time and don't really feel the need to socialize with other dogs.  On previous trips they would run around and explore the area but today they just sat and looked at me like, "what are we doing in this place". I also noticed while we walked that some people would hold their dogs back but others would let their dog run up to meet Bentley and Sawyer.  I held the leads tight in that case, and most of the time they tolerated the other dog but I think they would just as soon not make friends.  Again, I think it is because they are part of a "pack".   I'll try the dog park again but I would just as soon walk the trails myself so we may just stick to that.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A dog's perspective

I had the sprinkler guys out  yesterday to get my sprinkler system up and running again since it is looking like the deluge we had last week may be our last rain for a while.  Here's is the repair from the dogs' perspective:

Bark, Bark, Bark, hey Mom, there's a truck pulling up in front of the house.
Bark, Bark, Bark, hey Mom, aren't you listening to us?  There is a truck in front of the house.
Bark, Bark, Bark, hey Mom, pay attention.  Now there are two guys getting out of the truck.  Whoa, they are coming up the driveway. 
Intruder alert, intruder alert, Bark, Bark, Bark.  Never fear, mother dear, your fearless pack of doxies will protect you.  Bark, Bark, Bark.
What do you mean, it's ok, stop barking. No, no, no, listen to us. Bark, Bark, Bark. Intruder Alert!
Wait Mom, don't go out there.  They are strangers, No, no don't go.  And stop telling us it's ok, it is not ok.
Bark, Bark, Bark.  Mom, what are you doing out there with these guys.  You're walking around all over the yard and pointing at the ground.  Please, listen to us. Bark, Bark, Bark.
Whew, that was close.  We are glad you are safely inside with us again.  But wait, those guys are still out there. Bark, Bark, Bark.  Mom, they are digging  holes in the yard. No, no, you can't let them do that.  You always fuss at us when we dig holes.  Bark, Bark, Bark.
Why are you closing the doors?  Now we can't see what is going on, but we know they are still out there.  Bark, Bark, Bark.  Hey Mom, one of the guys is at the front door and he's ringing the doorbell.  Be careful.
Bark, Bark, Bark.  What do you mean stay back and quit barking?  No, no, no don't go out there again.
Bark, Bark, Bark.  What did he say?  Did he just ask you if we were long haired dachshunds.  Whoa, and he just said that he loves dachshunds? 
Bark, Bark, Bark, this guy is ok.  If we had know that he loves dachshunds we would have felt better about having him dig up holes in the yard.
Bark, Bark, Bark.  Hey, where are they going?  We want to go out and dig holes with them, too.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just being cute

Without even trying I caught a few cute pictures last week.  While I was making pictures of the small lakes in the back yard the pups posed themselves in a few pictures.  I found it much easier to take these pictures than the ones where I'm trying to get them to look cute!  Sawyer was a little camera shy; he was having too much fun in the water!

Three dogs enjoy a little sun, ignore the bricks and oak seedlings please.

Little Blossom, so cute!

Jaydon made this close up of Bentley, what sweet eyes he has!