Tuesday, February 17, 2015

To the show we go

Bentley and I headed north early Saturday morning, really early to a dog show; he had an 8 a.m. show time.  We pulled out of the garage a little before 6 a.m. and arrived in Austin exactly an hour and a half later.  There was almost no traffic and we drove peacefully along in the darkness; I enjoyed watching the sunrise as we neared Austin. 

This was our first show since July and I decided that rather than being nervous that we would just consider it as a practice type show.  I had debated with myself all the week before and continued as I drove along about why I'm still trying to show him.  It is expensive.  There are the entry fees, travel expenses, and if it is overnight then I have to board the other 3 dogs and pay for our hotel.  Plus it takes time to really prepare a dog for showing.  But I love the dogs and enjoy the shows.  For some reason I just can't give this up.  After Saturday I made up my mind to really give this a serious try.  That means dedication on my part to exercise him every day and to work on my grooming skills.  I think it is my feeble attempt at grooming that is hurting him. He does good in the ring and I think with a little serious practice he'll be perfect. I can't go to every single show (I have to work to support the doxie crowd at my house and pay our mortgage), but I'm going to get to the ones I can.

Hey, Mom, did I win this blue ribbon?
There were 17 long haired dachshunds entered and I think only 2 or 3 didn't show up.  There were  11 male dogs competing in different classes and I was surprised to see so many crèmes.  I enjoyed talking to several of the other handlers as they were a friendly group.  Turned out one of them had the Isle of Dog booth and I went down to see her. She was super nice plus she lives in Louisiana and is very familiar with Kelly and Splendor Farms where all my babies came from!  I picked up a large bag of the Isle of Dog products and will be sharing the results.  Here's the link to her online store:  https://squareup.com/market/isle-of-dogsla
Mom and I are tailgating today!  Whoopee!
I've learned from experience to pack a cooler with at least a light lunch and some things like granola bars to munch on.  Concession lines can be long and sometimes the choices are either nachos or a hot dog.  The day was warming up and before we headed home Bentley and I shared lunch.  Well, he had treats and I had lunch!