Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bentley's 3rd year checkup

It's time to get this little blog going again.  Seems like it is in start and stop traffic, but hopefully the road is clearing out a little and I can get some posts going.  I thought it appropriate to get started with a report on Bentley's visit to our new vet for his third year check up. I find it hard to believe that it has been just over three years since I drove to Splendor Farms to pick up this little baby; time flies by when you have four little dachshunds to keep you company!

Bentley at 6 weeks - a little warm, brown, fuzzy puppy!

I really like our new vet clinic, Loop 410 Veterinary Hospital. The vets and staff are so nice, and offer top notch dog care plus great client service.  They texted me a reminder about the appointment which was very convenient.  Plus, they are very efficient and that means a lot to me.

The first item was the weigh in.  We had to laugh because Bentley was almost too long for the little dog scale.  But when he tipped the scale at 15.8 pounds I was so surprised! Almost, but not quite, a standard dachshund.  He is not overweight and the vet asked me if I thought he was too skinny.  Not at all, he is perfect.

Six months, April 2011
When they took him in the back to do blood work and get the fecal specimen I was worried because he was gone so long.  I was afraid that he wasn't cooperating, but there was nothing to worry about.  I think he was socializing! When they brought him back he didn't want to come into the examination room and was balking at the door and twisting around.  I realized that he didn't see me so I leaned down and gave the command, "Bentley, come to me" and he was across the room and in my arms in a flash!  Mama, mama, save me!

Of course, he was good during the exam.  Although he didn't want his mouth examined.  The vet said it was probably because he had just had the Bordetella drops in his nose. He was pronounced perfectly healthy!
Growing up - February 2012
I discussed his coat at length with the vet. His diet is good and the salmon oil supplement is good, too. He did give me a prescription fatty acid supplement to try.  It is a 60 day supply, so we'll see what happens. 

I also discussed the leg lifting problem and that I was thinking about getting Bentley neutered.  He said that at this point it probably would not stop the leg lifting and it would just make him fat.  No, I do not want him fat, absolutely not.  So I think I will just have to live with the intact male dog!  Interestingly, the vet said that they rarely see an intact male dog.
May 2013
His tests came back negative for heartworms and parasites, so he is healthy inside and out!  We left with our 6-month supply of Trifexis to keep on staying healthy; even though it is expensive it is the most practical solution for prevention of heartworms and fleas. Great check up Bentley!