Monday, December 14, 2015

No way!

No, I will not open my eyes so you can make my picture.  I will not do it and you can't make me.  I do not want my picture made today!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Stolen cookie - oh joy!

My oldest grandchild (who is old enough to know better) left a cookie unattended on the sofa this morning.  I found out later there were 3 pieces in the box when he left it.  Bentley has no shame and by the time I caught him he was quietly consuming his second cookie probably thinking that Santa had come early just for him.  So far he has had no side effects. 

Do I love this little rascal?  Of course, he's spoiled rotten.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Almost clean, not!

My Mama gave me a bath - on Sunday afternoon, can you believe it? I showed soon as she finished with me I headed straight out into the dirt and gave myself a good roll.  Ha ha Mom, take that!  Ooops, she's coming after me with the garden hose to wash me down, better run now!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where I Stand

Little blog, I have not forgotten you.  While I have posted dog stuff on my main blog, Small Simple Things of Life I still intend to keep this blog going.  I have many dog things to write about, especially since I've done several dog shows this summer and realized that I know absolutely nothing about dogs! I have discoveries to write about, but first...
This picture was on Facebook this morning; it speaks for itself.  I'm a strong proponent of spaying and neutering your dogs. Why would you want to bring more puppies into the world unless you are an experienced dog breeder who understands bloodlines, genetics, breeding dogs, whelping puppies, and is willing to bear the cost of veterinary care for mama dog and her litter.  And, is willing to provide around the clock care for newborn puppies for weeks. 

Over the years I've heard people say the following:
  • Oh, I just want to let her have one litter before I have her spayed. Really?  Do you think that the future owners of those puppies, provided you can find homes for them, will say the same thing?  How many dogs do you want to descend from your dog?
  • My neighbor down the street has a beautiful poodle and I'm going to breed her to him.  Really?  What kind of dogs do you think your dog will throw?
  • I've had people stop me and ask me if I want to "mate" my dog.  Really, What makes you think I would breed my pure blood, registered dog to your quite not right dachshund that has a smooth coat. What makes you think you have a Bichon there, mister?  Bichon's do not have long skinny smooth coat legs.  Can you imagine what goofy looking dogs you would end up with?
So here's a quick tour of where I stand:  Spay and neuter your dogs.  Only buy from a reputable breeder that lets you see his/her dogs and where he/she keeps them.  If you have a heart for rescue, then find a group that fully vets their rescues and take one of their dogs (and make a nice donation to their group in appreciation for giving you your forever friend).  And what about all the shelters that are brimming over with dogs?  They wouldn't be full if those dog's parents had been spayed or neutered!

Spay, Neuter, and leave the breeding to the experts!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Girl Dog Stress

I'm having a real hard time looking cute for this picture.  I'm so stressed out.  Today was my bath day and even though now I'm all fluffy and clean and smell good I'm sitting on this table.  You know what that means - I'm getting the dreaded pawdicure.  It's so stressful to be a little girl dog.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Such talent!

We've been to several dog shows during the month of July.  Bentley did okay on some days and not so okay on others.  I'm changing my tactics and starting over with training, but more on that in another post.  While Bentley's skill in the ring is lacking he has made up for it in other ways.  One of them is a skill that he displayed while I was dropping off the other dogs to board while we went to Dallas. 

As usual, I had all dogs in a harness and attached to the Pet Walker leash with all four dogs on one leash.  The girls had already been taken to the check in station and I was filling out papers when the kennel tech came to get Sawyer.  When I reached down to hand him over I realized that he was already off the leash because Bentley had chewed through both his leash and Sawyer's!  In less than 2 minutes time!  Such skill and talent!

The scenario repeated itself when I dropped them off to board while we went to Houston.  This time I was short 2 leashes so I had Bentley on the retractable and Blossom on her individual leash.  Blossom and Sawyer were taken first.  When they came back for Baylee I found that Bentley had chewed through the retractable leash and was working on Baylee's leash!  So he has ruined 5 leashes, including the retractable leash I had planned to use to walk him while in Houston.  Grrr!

So while we were browsing through all the many vendors at the show I decided to pick up several over the head leads to use when just walking them a short distance.  They are not as secure as a harness and leash, but Mr. Super Chewer will have a harder time chewing his way through these.  Or, at least I hope that will be the case.  We'll see. 

"My Mama loves me, I know she does.  I'm spoiled rotten!"

Friday, July 3, 2015

Where am I?

Hello everyone, Bentley here for the next few posts.  Mom told me I could write about the little adventure I'm having.  Where am I?  Well, yesterday morning Mom and I dropped off the other little yappers at the "resort" and then she told me we were headed to Big D.  Big D?  What is that, Big  Dog?  Turned out it is a really big city, I'm in Dallas, Texas!
It was a really long ride.  We stopped once in Austin for Mom to get some stuff from a lady to bring up here, seems a lot of people found out we were coming and they asked us to take stuff in our car.  And then we stopped at a rest stop where we walked around and Mom ate a sandwich.  She shared a bite with me and it was yummy.  She left me in the car for a few minutes while she went in a building, but the car windows were down a bit and she put up the sunshades so I didn't get hot.  Then we were on the road some more, but I went to sleep while Mom drove us right into this big city.

We got to the dog show, unloaded our car and set up our space, Mom groomed me a little and then we walked around.  Mom said she wanted me to get familiar with the hall so I wouldn't be spooked in the morning.  By the time we finally got to our hotel I was ready for some shut-eye!
This morning we were up early.  I love hotels and would have been happy to just stay there all day, but Mom had me over at the show bright and early.  Don't I look good?  I only look like this for a minute or two and then I'm messed up again, drives Mom crazy!  Mom decorated our space for the Fourth of July, isn't that fun? She said they are having a contest and are paying cash prizes, we need to win!

After the show Mom put me back in the car and told me were going to see the sites.  I wasn't too excited as she wound around on those city streets, but the first place she took me was a blast. (Note from  Dachshund Mom:  we visited Dallas Heritage Village located in the Old City Park).  I had so much fun and would have had more fun if Mom would have let me chase all those squirrels that were running around!
There must be at least 10 squirrels over there under that tree.  Look at 'em, Mom!
Hey squirrels - if I wasn't on this silly leash I would so have you all up that tree!
We stayed here for quite a while.  Mom couldn't take me inside any of the buildings, but she made pictures and I just had fun walking around.  She's going to do a post on her blog if you want the human scoop on this place.

Then it was back in the car - I was ready for some air-conditioning and a nap.  But the nap wasn't to be.  We drove back through the city streets and then, gulp, my Mom drove our car right down under a building!  Yeah, no kidding, she did!  I wasn't sure what was going on, but then we got out and rode up an elevator and we were right in the heart of Big D!  How did my Mom do that?

Mom found another neat thing for us to do.  This is a big park and she said it is built over a freeway, imagine that!  We walked around and then we got on this thing she called a trolley (looked like a bus to me) and we rode on it for a long time.

I sat in Mom's lap for a while, and then I moved down into the floor.  People wanted to pet me and I obliged them very nicely.

Getting off this thing was scary.  Mom had to carry me because the steps were steep and then there was a gap to the curb.  I started to freak out when she tried to pick me up and she didn't get a good grip on me.  I was somewhat dangling as she came down the steps and landed on the curb - you would have thought that one of the trolley men or someone would have helped her!  But, she got us back onto a sidewalk and we went back to the park and ate at a restaurant.  Well, Mom ate and I laid under the table.  Can you imagine?  I got to go to a restaurant!  We sat on a patio and enjoyed the view of the park.  Mom and I got annoyed with some people sitting outside the restaurant that kept letting their two big dogs wander over and taunt me.  I do not like big dogs and, besides, I'm almost human and don't want you sticking your slimey dog nose in mine.

We walked around some more after we ate, but it was getting hot.  Mom was worried about me getting too hot and too tired, so we went back down under that building and got in our car.  We came back to the hotel.  She said we might go back there tomorrow and see some more things.  I'm really not sure what is going on here, but I'm having fun doing new things!  Let's just skip that dog show Mom and go places!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

This little guy is all mine

This picture was made with the so-so cell phone, so it isn't the greatest quality.  But I think it has become a favorite of mine.  Here's why:

It is Saturday morning and Bentley and I have headed down to the Farmers' Market at the Historic Pearl Brewery.  This has to be one of my favorite things to do; I love fresh veggies and all the good things they sell as well as the historic nature of the grounds.  I usually take Bentley because he needs socializing and he is the best shopper of the 4 dogs.  He also has no problems with people petting him, so he is the perfect companion.

He is not neatly groomed.  In fact, we were there between rain showers so he is wet and a little muddy underneath.  But this is the look I love.  It is the true Bentley, just laid back and so unworried.

So, it isn't the best picture by many standards, but this is the little guy that I love and he is all mine!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Having fun

All it takes to have fun is a boy and a scooter to run with!  The boys had so much fun trotting along!
After a while we unhitched Bentley because having two dogs was making the scooter wobble.  One works much better! 

And, no it was not hot and yes, I did have doggie water close by!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrating Fives

This week was the observance of two events that happened five years ago and have forever changed my life.  Blossom and Sawyer celebrated their fifth Gotcha Day and Baylee celebrated her 5th birthday a few days later.  Now really, they didn't celebrate anything.  Neither did I!  But in the keeping of the passing of time both of these are momentous events for our little community.
August 12, 2010
I will always cherish my memories of picking each of these sweet babies up from Splendor Farms.  Just like the first glimpse of a human baby, my first glimpse of each one was priceless.  Blossom and Sawyer were so small that I remember asking if I could pick them up!  I went back for Baylee in August so she was 4 months old; I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen!

These five years have been wonderful; how did I ever live without dachshunds in my house?  I thought I knew a lot about dogs, but I know now that I didn't know a thing.  They have taught me so much and opened a whole new world for me.  Grooming, training, showing, nutrition, and doggie behavior are frequent topics for me to explore. 

Last week at the show we were discussing a breeder that had to go into assisted living and one of the other ladies had bought out the entire kennel.  I remarked that when the time comes for me to go to a place like that that I will have to find one that takes dogs!  I can't live with out them!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Am I in trouble?

Do I look a little sad here?  My human Mom told me I should be ashamed of myself.  She paid money to enter me in this show.  She took me to a training class last Wednesday and I aced everything!  Everybody was so impressed with me: I strutted around the practice ring and then laid down like a regal hound dog while I waited for my next turn.  We got up early on Saturday morning and drove an hour and a half in the rain to get here.  And, then I messed up big time.

Maybe it was the fact that the weather was lousy or the fact that my hair was really frizzy and fuzzy.  I don't know, really.  But I just didn't feel like walking around that ring.  Mom told me I was sloppy.  And, then when she put me on that table to stack me I just decided that I did not want to do that either.  No sirree, not this little dachshund!  To make matters worse when we went back in the ring for winners dog I didn't do much better.  By then it was too late.  I had messed up.

But that's okay.  My mamma still loves me.  While she sat around with the other dachshund mamas and talked I sat on her lap and everyone adored me.  I even went nose to nose with another big cream dachshund that was on his mamma's lap; how cute I can be sometimes. I messed up in the ring, but I'm still Mamma's Boy!

I was really glad to finally get back to our car and head home.  Traffic in Austin was very slow, so Mom snapped a picture of me while we crept along to the freeway.  See, she really loves me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's that time again

Yes, it's leaf time again down here in San Antonio.  The beloved live oak trees are doing their thing, dropping leaves and their nasty pollen.  It is a mess and this year seems worse that the past few years.  Of course, the nasty stuff is all in my house thanks to four little long haired dogs!  
Their beautiful long fur is like a Swiffer sweeper with this stuff and of course, they go out in the yard and roll in it so that makes it worse! But wait, part of the problem is my fault.  During the winter I have been slack about regular grooming except for Bentley because he has had several shows.  I realized last weekend that he wasn't picking up much pollen because his paws and legs are trimmed up.  Look at the picture above - see Blossom's untrimmed paws?  They look like Grinch feet!  And all that hair hanging over her legs just attracts the pollen! 

Sawyer wants to play in the pollen like it is snow.  UGH! I love my large trees, but honestly, this stuff is just nasty.  If you try to vacuum it it will explode.  The leaf blower just creates a yellow, pollen filled cloud.  And, yes it makes you sick!
So, with that realization I decided it was time to get serious and get out the grooming table.  Time for some serious grooming. I am definitely a novice groomer, but with 4 dogs I have had to learn.  I bought an excellent book, The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide (4th edition) by Sam Kohl, and I've watched countless videos on the internet.  As with anything, it is the hands on experience that really teaches you! 

I had actually made this picture of an unhappy Sawyer on the table last summer, but had to share it here.  He does not like anything about being groomed and will hide in the yard when he sees me coming with the table! Ditto with the nail clippers! He's just an adventure loving boy dog that doesn't want all that girlie primping stuff done to him! But, Big Boy, that fur has got to be trimmed up!


Monday, March 16, 2015

A little one-on-one

Sawyer (and I) are long over due for an adventure.  I had originally thought we would head out to a State Park, with picnic lunch, and walk the trails over the past weekend.  However, that was not to be.  I just have too many chores at home right now and putting 60 miles on the car every day to commute to work made me reluctant to take a day trip.

So I opted for the next best thing - an in-town adventure at a park.  We are very fortunate to have a city that is full of excellent parks and trails, so why take a road trip when you can make do very well at home?
San Pedro Springs Park
We headed out mid-morning to a place that I love and Sawyer had never been to before so he would have the experience of an adventure in a new place. The original springs have ceased to flow; this winter lake/summer pool is filled with pumped in water.  But the park is full of history. It is thought that somewhere near these springs that the first Europeans to come into this area camped with friendly natives and named the place San Antonio since it was the feast day of Saint Anthony de Padua.  Today, as in the past, the park is a favorite place to walk, picnic, and enjoy the scenery.

The original adventure dog wasn't too keen on a photo shoot.  He's a mess right now anyway.  He needs a bath and a good grooming.  But that face is my Sawyer!

I think his ears are awesome! Blossom's are even longer, but his red/black combination with the long hair is stunning!

I had him on the retractable leash and the park was pretty much empty when we arrived.  We walked around for a while.  I had expected him to run and explore like he does on a trail.  Instead, he was happy to walk along with me for the most part.  He waited patiently whenever I stopped to make a picture.  We stopped by a low wall and I attempted to make pictures.  I stepped back to make the first shot and he jumped off the wall and ran to me!  The wall was about three feet high and I just cringed when I thought about his dachshund back.  Yes, dachshunds have no fear of heights!

We walked on some more and I found a lower wall to sit on.  I expected him to explore around on the terrace and the grassy area behind me, but he wanted to sit half on and half off my lap.  I sat for quite a while in this place and he was perfectly happy to just lay there and watch everything.  Once someone passed behind us on the sidewalk across the grassy area and he growled to alert me (that's protection for you!). I realized that he was enjoying our one-on-one time and have promised him that we will have more time together, just the two of us. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Look, it's a water puddle!

Sawyer absolutely cannot resist a puddle of water; it doesn't matter if its clean, dirty, small or large.  He loves it!  We've had days and days of drizzle and rain (with cold temperatures) and finally on Tuesday afternoon the sun came out and warmed us up to 60 degrees.  There was no excuse not to take the boys out for a neighborhood walk after work.  Sawyer was quite pleased that there were so many puddles.  Of course, the indulgent Dachshund Mama let him stop and enjoy himself!
While he enjoyed the water I made pictures with the not-so-great-cell phone.  At the first puddle he actually laid down in the water!  That had to be cold, Big Boy!  Now if I could just get him this excited about the water in the bath tub!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The tale of car harness woes

Since I've been posting infrequently you don't have to read back far to know that I had purchased a car harness and discovered the first time I used it that the strap that connects the harness to the car seat belt was sold separately.  If I had actually concentrated on reading and understanding the details on the back of the package before I bought the harness I would have realized that I needed the strap, too.  On our way home that day we did stop and buy the necessary strap.
This not-so-great cell phone picture expressed exactly what Bentley was thinking that morning, "MOM, why have you locked me in over here?  I ALWAYS sit on  your lap in the car! How could you do this to me?"
The next time I tried to use it was when we went to the show in Austin in February.  I put down an old, soft towel in the seat for him to snuggle into, hooked him up and off we drove in the pre-dawn darkness.  After some staring at me he did curl up and snooze.  It was peaceful driving in the dark that morning, just me and the dog.  No radio, no conversation.  I wondered if he realized that he was more comfortable over there and actually able to sleep.

Just as we entered Austin the sun came up.  I turned off the freeway to avoid the awful Austin traffic and was winding around to get to the facility when Bentley put his front paws on the console and gave me the MOM look.  I was surprised that the harness allowed that much movement.  But that wasn't the case.  When we reached the facility I really looked at him -  he was out of the harness.  How did he do that?  Little Houdini!

When we were ready to head home I put him back in the harness, still wondering how he had wiggled out.  It was a little loose, so I decided when we got home I would tighten it up a little.  Meantime, Houdini practiced his magic again and by the time I got to the freeway he had his front paws on the console and the harness was off.  As I waited through the last traffic light I helped him over the console and he settled, quite happily, into my lap for the remainder of the trip home.

Last Wednesday night we headed out to the little ring training/practice we sometimes go to.  There was yet another cold front blowing through and I knew we would have to walk across a windy parking lot to get inside so I put his little red jacket on him and then put the harness over it.  I had tightened the straps a little and with the thickness of the fleece jacket it was snug.  No escaping this time.  We drove over to the class, but the facility was closing up (I should have called to confirm since there was a local show going on this week and everyone was already there) so I turned around and we drove back home. 

Imagine my surprise when we pulled into the garage and I came around to his side of the car to let him out and instead found a little dog hopelessly tangled in a show lead and a car seat harness.  He was in a mess.  The strap was in such a bind that my weak fingers could not get it to unclasp.  The clasp on the harness was even tighter and the show lead was way too tightly untangled to get it loose.  As I wrestled with the mess I had the thought of having to figure out a way to safely cut him out!  I finally managed to get the jacket undone and pulled through the mess which gave a little room to work with (the lead was still threaded through the jacket neck, but at least the bulk of the fleece was out).  I somehow got his legs through the harness and pulled it over his head.  He was free!
The tangled mess after I got Bentley out!
Once again I re-read the package instructions.  I realized that the diagram showed attaching the strap to the upper portion of the seat belt; I had fastened it to the lower lap belt.  Ah!  maybe that is the problem.

So, when we headed out to the show this weekend once again I hitched him in and attached the strap as shown in the diagram.  We've had short rides back and forth to the event facility and on each one he has laid down and snoozed.  In fact on the way home today I put him in the seat and didn't bother to put on the harness.  He stayed on his side of the car and laid down and fell sound asleep, he was so tired from the show!  But I need to try it out on a longer ride to see if he really is comfortable and if it doesn't tangle up again!  I have a suspicion that this harness is really designed for a larger dog and just may not work for us.  We'll see.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

To the show we go

Bentley and I headed north early Saturday morning, really early to a dog show; he had an 8 a.m. show time.  We pulled out of the garage a little before 6 a.m. and arrived in Austin exactly an hour and a half later.  There was almost no traffic and we drove peacefully along in the darkness; I enjoyed watching the sunrise as we neared Austin. 

This was our first show since July and I decided that rather than being nervous that we would just consider it as a practice type show.  I had debated with myself all the week before and continued as I drove along about why I'm still trying to show him.  It is expensive.  There are the entry fees, travel expenses, and if it is overnight then I have to board the other 3 dogs and pay for our hotel.  Plus it takes time to really prepare a dog for showing.  But I love the dogs and enjoy the shows.  For some reason I just can't give this up.  After Saturday I made up my mind to really give this a serious try.  That means dedication on my part to exercise him every day and to work on my grooming skills.  I think it is my feeble attempt at grooming that is hurting him. He does good in the ring and I think with a little serious practice he'll be perfect. I can't go to every single show (I have to work to support the doxie crowd at my house and pay our mortgage), but I'm going to get to the ones I can.

Hey, Mom, did I win this blue ribbon?
There were 17 long haired dachshunds entered and I think only 2 or 3 didn't show up.  There were  11 male dogs competing in different classes and I was surprised to see so many crèmes.  I enjoyed talking to several of the other handlers as they were a friendly group.  Turned out one of them had the Isle of Dog booth and I went down to see her. She was super nice plus she lives in Louisiana and is very familiar with Kelly and Splendor Farms where all my babies came from!  I picked up a large bag of the Isle of Dog products and will be sharing the results.  Here's the link to her online store:
Mom and I are tailgating today!  Whoopee!
I've learned from experience to pack a cooler with at least a light lunch and some things like granola bars to munch on.  Concession lines can be long and sometimes the choices are either nachos or a hot dog.  The day was warming up and before we headed home Bentley and I shared lunch.  Well, he had treats and I had lunch!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

News that makes me GRRRR!

Well, there's one thing that gets me writing again and it is getting me irked!  And I was today when I read the articles about Go Daddy! having to pull its Super Bowl ad that featured a lost puppy that manages to find his way home only to learn that he had been sold...via the internet.  If you didn't read the story, the please do!

Honestly, I did not watch the ad, but the description was enough for me.  What irks me is that the people that objected were upset because if featured a pure-bred puppy being sold over the internet.  Their main target was people who breed dogs.  They overlooked the fact that the ad features the puppy being transported in a box in the back of a pick up truck.  I hate to see dogs in the back of a truck and that irked me. So here's what I need to sound off about now:

  • it is okay to buy a pure-bred puppy from a reputable breeder
  • I have never bred a dog and don't plan to.  Leave that to the reputable breeder who understands blood lines, whelping puppies, and nurturing them for those important first weeks
  • while I would not actually buy a puppy over the internet, that is how I found my dogs.  I saw those cute little faces on the Splendor Farms website.  I filled out an application and sent it to Kelly, along with a list of questions.  She e-mailed me back and told me I was asking the right questions to call her the next day.  I did and she answered my questions; I knew she was a good breeder by the answers.  I bought Sawyer and Blossom over the telephone, sight unseen.  Baylee and Bentley were also later bought through e-mail and over the telephone, sight unseen.  AND, I drove 545 miles one way to pick them up.  Kelly does not ship her dogs. My dogs are beautiful, healthy and well adjusted.  They are dachshunds through and through because of her careful breeding (just to note Baylee was actually bred and whelped in another kennel but came to Kelly with her mother and grandmother and siblings, nothing wrong with her either).
See what I'm saying?  You check out the breeder, you ask the questions, and you go pick up your little bundle of joy in person.  The whiners about the ad contorted everything to suit their little personal vendetta against pure-bred dogs.  And, no I have nothing against adopting a rescue dog or a shelter dog. 

And, yes the ad could have been a little better structured to convey the message a little differently (like showing using the internet to reunite a puppy with its owner or showing people looking at a breeder's website and then showing them with the breeder picking up their new puppy).  I bet Go Daddy! is a little more careful with their next ad.  And, just to note the puppy featured actually is owned by an employee and I got the impression from the article that it is a frequent visitor at the company's office. 

And, just for fun here are the pictures of Sawyer and Blossom that were on Kelly's website!  I think they were about 5 weeks old!
Little baby Blossom!
Sweet little Sawyer!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bentley: On the Road, part 2

(Click here to read part 1)

Traveling with a dog is a little different.  I had thought ahead about lunch and decided that I probably should take a brown bag lunch for myself since I wasn't sure about dog friendly restaurants.  And, I packed the doggie stroller, poop bags, doggie water bottle, and treats (just like packing the diaper bag for those human babies!). I wasn't sure about how to handle the human potty breaks, but I decided that rather than leave him in the car (the temperature was in the upper 40's) that I would just walk him into the visitor center ladies room.  He was pretty cute in there and got a lot of giggles from other lady visitors!  That was the first of his many admiration sessions during the day!
Our first stop was at the Dogologie store for some serious dog shopping!  There were a lot of people in there as well as dogs.  I put Bentley in the stroller because he was nervous about the crowd and the big German Shepherd that wanted to jump at him.  I even zipped up the mesh, just for added security (the big dog did get taken out of the store, thankfully!). It was easier to maneuver around in the store with Bentley in the stroller so that's where he stayed.  Dogologie is a wonderful store and if you are in Fredericksburg be sure to stop.  Even if you don't have a dog, you will be delighted with all their products!
I picked up a cute little dachshund plaque, selected a new collar for Bentley, and a few other little dog things.  I had already had the thought before we left that he would look really cute strolling down the street wearing a little red sweater.  I have never put costumes on my dogs, but after all it was almost Christmas and the weather was cold.  We looked at several that were either put on over the head (no way!) or didn't appeal to me.  Then I saw all the college gear on a side wall - Bingo!  I looked at the orange UT jackets, but the idea of red was still in my mind.  And, after all, my nephew is at Tech right now, so why not a Tech jacket?  We tried it on and even though it was a little pricey I knew we had to have it.

I picked up a plain jacket for Sawyer thinking that having jackets for both boys would motivate me to walk even when it is cold.  It has fleece under a nylon, waterproof top.  However, at this point it will not fit around his wide girth and that has motivated me to walk them as much as possible.  Burn those calories big boy and we'll get you in your jacket!

Back out on the street Bentley was warm and ready to walk.  We had so many people stop and talk to us!  I love sharing my dogs with other people.  Many wanted to pet him and so many mentioned that they had dachshunds.  I enjoyed talking with everyone, and isn't he a little cutie?  Who can resist a dachshund that looks this splendid?
The wind was strong, making it feel very cold.  I choose to sit on the wall around the Vereins Kirche to eat my lunch because it was warm and sunny and out of the wind.  Bentley munched on a few treats while I ate.  We enjoyed sitting there feeling the warmth of the sun and watching other visitors enjoy their time in the Marketplatz.
There's no place like home and a nap with your Foxie
Bentley enjoyed his day, but he was glad to come home.  I always knew that he is a "mama-boy-dog", but realized that he is also a homebody! He was tolerant of the attention from admirers and followed me around the little shops and up and down the street.   But he would always look at me with a look that seemed to say, "Mom, why are we doing this?  Can we just go home?".