Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Do I Love Dachshunds?

I don't know what it is about these little dogs that I love so much.  I never dreamed of owning dachshunds (see my first post!) although they were cute and I had been around several in my life.  What was it that called to me to get the first two?  The cute faces? Maybe, but they did call to me.  And what is about them that has made me fall in love with all dachshunds?

Let me see, is it that long body?  More body to run your hand down and then give a loving pat to.  Maybe.  Is it those short, chunky little legs?  They are so cute, especially when they are running or digging.  I love to walk behind them and watch those little legs and swaying bodies trot along!  Or is it the protruding chest that makes them look so regal?  Is it those sweet, almond shaped, brown, loving eyes?  No, most dogs have sweet loving eyes or so it seems to me. Is it that long nose, so useful for digging in the dirt?  Or those ears, those thick soft ears? Is it their face and their many expressions?  Is it their independent thinking?  Their personalities? 

Like the often quoted poem says, "How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways..."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Puddle water vs rain water

So, explain this.  Sawyer can not pass up a puddle or body of water, wades right in.  He doesn't mind a bath, he's okay with the water.  But he hates rain.  If there has been even a little rain he has to be forced to go outside and then he will just stand on the deck and look at me like, "do I have to go out there, it's wet!"  Go figure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dog Days, part 2

I made quite a few pictures yesterday at the Botanical Garden; however, I was by myself and holding the leads so most pictures will show the leads, but that's ok since the pictures document our outing.

Bentley and Sawyer in the Japanese Garden - they were watching another dachshund and a Sheltie be told to "sit/stay" for a picture!

It's probably a good thing that the fountains are turned off due to the water restrictions otherwise Sawyer would have dived in!

This is my Sawyer, what a sweetheart!

Bentley is a good looking 'fella but what a rascal!   

We stopped here for a break, this is a large, covered patio connected to one of the old pioneer type homes that have been moved onto the property.

Two amigos, out for some fun!

This is why I wasn't worried about dropping the lead!  Attached together they couldn't go too far very fast.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dog Days at the Botanical Garden

One of my favorite places went to the dogs this weekend, literally.  The Botanical Garden opened their doors to doggie visitors!  Each dog was charged a $5 donation to the local Humane Society, good deal!  They usually do this in (gulp) August and I never can make myself take them down there in the heat.  So I took Sawyer and Bentley down for a while this afternoon.  Temperature was in the low 70's making it just a perfect time to walk in the garden.  Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I even let the lead drop once or twice when no other human or dog was close by.  I did have my hands full as we entered into the entry building, they were so excited that they were barking and going around my legs!  But they quickly calmed down and did great with the other dogs and people while we walked.  Here are a few pictures, more to come later.

Sawyer was like a magnet with the water in the lake.  He got this far in and I pulled him back.  I wished that I could have let him loose just to see how far out he would go!

They are loose on this trail by the lake.  I figured that since they were "hitched" together that I could catch them easily.  As it was they stopped to smell something and it was easy to just pick up the lead.

Monday, January 16, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Sawyer Climbs Enchanted Rock!

Jaydon, Sawyer and I headed out this morning to do a little rock climbing at Enchanted Rock.  I did a lengthy post about our day on the Small Simple Things blog, but this space is devoted to Sawyer and his day.

Hey Mom, stop making pictures and get me out of this car!

Enchanted Rock - Sawyer climbed all the way to the top!

Sawyer is always ready for adventure!

Jaydon and Sawyer at the summit.  The wind was fierce so we only spent a few minutes here for a water/rest break.

Sawyer pauses by some water that was coming up through the rock.

Short dachshund legs are perfect for going up or down steep slopes.

There were plenty of places to explore and smell.  I am always ever mindful of snakes even in the winter so while he explored I was watching.

Sawyer's ears and tail in the wind.

On our walk back to the car Sawyer waded into this puddle before we could stop him.  He was wet and dirty for the ride home, yuk!  But if you don't get wet and/or dirty is it really considered a fun day?
Sawyer had so much fun.  His tail never stopped wagging, and most of the time he was at the end of the lead, bounding along.  Even on the hardest part of the climb he kept up and although I could feel him struggling behind me he never hesitated and stayed right in step with me to the summit.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blossom surfs the net

Not much going on in doxie doggie land so Blossom (with a little help from Jaydon) decided to surf the net!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tattered Beds

These dogs are chewers, among other things.  I keep a good supply of rawhide chews on hand.  I give them each one when I leave in the morning and sometimes at night, too, if they seem restless or need to be distracted from chewing on, oh say, the rocker of the rocking chair or a wicker basket.  But their favorite chewing diversion is their bed. They love to just chew on the side of the bed!  They have destroyed several beds and I have several that are pretty ratty.  I've put down old towels for their bedding, too, and they have destroyed those as well.

I decided to once again buy them new beds and ordered two that were similar to the one that my little outside cat sleeps on in the garage.  They have some kind of lining that is designed to use the body heat to warm the animal.  Basically it is a self warming bed.  Lacey loves hers, I have a cozy little nest fixed for her on top of a cabinet that is about waist high.  Hers worked well so that influenced me to order the ones for the dogs.  I got a small one to go in the large crate and a large bed to go in the kitchen.  They were on sale, but still not cheap.

I hated to put down these nice new beds because I knew the dogs would chew them up (and I was right, they did) but finally convinced myself that I bought the beds to be used and I was being silly to just let them sit there and look nice.  So I put the small one down first.  Within an hour Sawyer had chewed a hole in it.  I sprayed it liberally with Bitter Apple and put it in the crate.  We've had no more problems with it.  But the big one has been another story!   In quick order they unzipped (yes, they unzipped) the pillow and began to shred the foam inside. NO NO BAD DOG!  More Bitter Apple spray, please.  A few days passed and both beds were laundered successfully.  But then the major destruction began.  They chewed up the zipper, so no more zipping.  The edges have been nibbled on and the foam is slowing being torn into small pieces (guess who picks those up). Tonight I caught Blossom going into the pillow between the top layer and the foam to play!  Good grief!

Dogs just have to have a little fun, right?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bentley's Gotcha Day

Today is Bentley's Gotcha Day!  One year ago today I picked him up from Kelly and brought him home.  Poor little baby, I remember how bad I felt for him but he was so good on the ride home.  He only whined a few times and when he met his new playmates he was so excited.  Watching him grow up has been just as fun as it was with the other pups!  He has such a fun personality and is a handsome fella!  He also has such a loving face, sometimes he looks at me and I know he is saying "I Love You". 

While he does good with the crate at night and when company is present he hates to be confined otherwise.  I've had to put a stand alone, vertical gate next to the tension gate on one end of the kitchen because he learned to climb over the tension gate.  Yes, he is an independent thinking dachshund.  He is not a napper, although I've noticed him napping a little more in the last few weeks.  He usually follows me around the house so I think of him as my little shadow.  I don't think of any of the dogs as being the leader of the pack, but he definitely has the "me first" attitude.

One of Bentley's favorite toys is "Foxy".  Foxy is one of those stuffingless toys with squeakers in either end (the dogs usually pull out the tail squeaker on these and I will quickly throw it away).  We have several versions of the toy but he absolute loves this one and usually has it close by.  Yesterday I threw it in the wash with their beds and even with it wet he carried it around.  Somehow he snuck it outside and I caught a shot of him enjoying the sun, with Foxy.

(Just to note, he was in the sun and appears to have white on his chest, but it is just the light.  He is not a dapple!)

Later I caught him napping with Foxy.

Here's to many more years of friendship Mr. Bentley!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nap time

Monday morning I sat on the sofa with the dogs for a while, drinking coffee and enjoying my last day of vacation.  After I got up they all settled back in for a nap.  And yes, that really is Baby Girl curled up with them.  She doesn't mind them in the least and if they try to challenge her she just squeaks at them and stands her ground.

Later in the morning they moved into the sewing room with me.  I threw down two old tattered beds for them and they curled right up.  The sun was coming through the windows and made the floor a nice napping spot.  Even Bentley sacked out for a while and Blossom left her cozy little quilt basket!