Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tattered Beds

These dogs are chewers, among other things.  I keep a good supply of rawhide chews on hand.  I give them each one when I leave in the morning and sometimes at night, too, if they seem restless or need to be distracted from chewing on, oh say, the rocker of the rocking chair or a wicker basket.  But their favorite chewing diversion is their bed. They love to just chew on the side of the bed!  They have destroyed several beds and I have several that are pretty ratty.  I've put down old towels for their bedding, too, and they have destroyed those as well.

I decided to once again buy them new beds and ordered two that were similar to the one that my little outside cat sleeps on in the garage.  They have some kind of lining that is designed to use the body heat to warm the animal.  Basically it is a self warming bed.  Lacey loves hers, I have a cozy little nest fixed for her on top of a cabinet that is about waist high.  Hers worked well so that influenced me to order the ones for the dogs.  I got a small one to go in the large crate and a large bed to go in the kitchen.  They were on sale, but still not cheap.

I hated to put down these nice new beds because I knew the dogs would chew them up (and I was right, they did) but finally convinced myself that I bought the beds to be used and I was being silly to just let them sit there and look nice.  So I put the small one down first.  Within an hour Sawyer had chewed a hole in it.  I sprayed it liberally with Bitter Apple and put it in the crate.  We've had no more problems with it.  But the big one has been another story!   In quick order they unzipped (yes, they unzipped) the pillow and began to shred the foam inside. NO NO BAD DOG!  More Bitter Apple spray, please.  A few days passed and both beds were laundered successfully.  But then the major destruction began.  They chewed up the zipper, so no more zipping.  The edges have been nibbled on and the foam is slowing being torn into small pieces (guess who picks those up). Tonight I caught Blossom going into the pillow between the top layer and the foam to play!  Good grief!

Dogs just have to have a little fun, right?

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