Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nap time

Monday morning I sat on the sofa with the dogs for a while, drinking coffee and enjoying my last day of vacation.  After I got up they all settled back in for a nap.  And yes, that really is Baby Girl curled up with them.  She doesn't mind them in the least and if they try to challenge her she just squeaks at them and stands her ground.

Later in the morning they moved into the sewing room with me.  I threw down two old tattered beds for them and they curled right up.  The sun was coming through the windows and made the floor a nice napping spot.  Even Bentley sacked out for a while and Blossom left her cozy little quilt basket!

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  1. Oh, your doggies are so cute! Thanks for emailing me. Just checking out your blog now and I will send an email back tonight or tomorrow.