Monday, January 16, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Sawyer Climbs Enchanted Rock!

Jaydon, Sawyer and I headed out this morning to do a little rock climbing at Enchanted Rock.  I did a lengthy post about our day on the Small Simple Things blog, but this space is devoted to Sawyer and his day.

Hey Mom, stop making pictures and get me out of this car!

Enchanted Rock - Sawyer climbed all the way to the top!

Sawyer is always ready for adventure!

Jaydon and Sawyer at the summit.  The wind was fierce so we only spent a few minutes here for a water/rest break.

Sawyer pauses by some water that was coming up through the rock.

Short dachshund legs are perfect for going up or down steep slopes.

There were plenty of places to explore and smell.  I am always ever mindful of snakes even in the winter so while he explored I was watching.

Sawyer's ears and tail in the wind.

On our walk back to the car Sawyer waded into this puddle before we could stop him.  He was wet and dirty for the ride home, yuk!  But if you don't get wet and/or dirty is it really considered a fun day?
Sawyer had so much fun.  His tail never stopped wagging, and most of the time he was at the end of the lead, bounding along.  Even on the hardest part of the climb he kept up and although I could feel him struggling behind me he never hesitated and stayed right in step with me to the summit.

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