Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shredded Carrots

The dogs and I frequently dine al fresco, time and weather permitting.  One night several weeks ago I had a salad, they had the usual!  As I was almost finished I dropped a piece of lettuce and Blossom pounced on it.  I wondered what she would do with it but didn't expect her to eat it since it had a sun-dried tomato vinagerette type dressing, but she loved it.  So I picked a slivered carrot out of my salad and fed it to her remembering that I had read in several different books that fresh, raw vegetables are okay to feed to the dogs.  She loved it!  Then the others realized that they were missing out on something so I had to pick out a few more carrots.

The next time I went grocery shopping I bought a small bag of shredded carrots (the matchstick size ones).  Yes, I paid extra for pre-prepared vegetables but the small price was far worth my time to stand and chop or drag out the food processor.  So now we frequently are enjoying a snack of carrots and they love them.  It is funny, though, because Sawyer always gets real excited until he tastes one and then he looks at me like, "come on really, you don't expect me to eat this do you?  Is this a treat?" and then he dives in with the rest of the gang.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blossom and Sawyer weigh in

Today was Blossom and Sawyer's annual check up and vaccination appointment.  Drum roll please.....Blossom weighed in at 8 lbs 13 ozs and Sawyer weighed in at 13 lbs 8 ozs.  So we have a mini and a tweenie, so far.  I think the two creams will be tweenies with Bentley possible creeping into a standard dachshund.

Blossom and Sawyer were pronounced healthy and beautiful!  We did come home with 4 doggie toothbrushes so we can begin a brushing routine (hmmmm, I can hardly wait).  And I bought a bag of chewies that are treated with an enzyme to help clean their teeth as Blossom already has slight signs of build up on her teeth.  We did discuss several items including their bed wetting which the vet thinks is just a mental thing (so do I) and she suggested several things to get them motivated to completely go potty when they are supposed to go. 

We also discusssed their dachshund backs, food and supplements.  She suggested giving them a high quality fish oil.  I want to do some reading and research before I do that.  I also want to do some more research on their food.   I feel good about the food they are on, after trying several brands, but I feel like I need to read a little more about the breed specific formulas, too.  She was pleased with their coats and their health so we may just remain on the ProPlan for now.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sawyer's First Visit to the Dog Park

This afternoon Jaydon, Sawyer and I headed out to explore a fairly new park.  We discovered that the park had a dog park and we spent a good deal of time there.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most, the boy or the dog!

We entered the park and then realized that we were in the big dog section.  Sawyer didn't seem to mind when two big dogs rushed up to greet him but we quickly made our way to the small dog park.  There were 7 or 8 dachshunds there, all smooth reds and none of them looked too much like they were pedigree type dogs (always makes me wonder about the "breeder" they came from).  There were several fuzzy poodle types and some small mixed breeds.  Most of the dogs stayed to themselves and just played.  Anyway, Sawyer was very relaxed and after a while I felt comfortable enough to unhook the lead and let him run around.  He enjoyed exploring and never got into any trouble!  He stayed fairly close and always listened and came when I called to him.

The park had a little playhouse/fort that Jaydon just loved.  We couldn't coax Sawyer up the ramp so Jaydon took him up on the top level for a few minutes.  I would love to have a little house like that in my back yard for the dogs to play in, although realistically Jaydon would be the major occupant!

I want to take the other dogs to this park and see how they do.  I've decided that each of my dogs is much calmer and better behaved when they are by themselves.  When they are together I really think the "let's be a party pack" mentality kicks in.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baylee Pictures

I caught Baylee laying by the bricks as I was working on the retaining wall last Saturday.  She was so sweet just laying there that I had to run inside and grab the camera and have a little photo shoot. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unhappy Puppies

I have 4 unhappy little dogs on my hands.  We are having to repeat the 7-day housebreaking routine.  They had done fairly well, with some hit or miss, but the last two weeks it seemed that they had a regression.  When I would take them out they would just chase possums, raccoons, play, eat acorns....anything but do their business.  And then, guess what happened when we came inside!  I'll say no more, it is obvious what I was dealing with.

So, Monday morning we started the "lock down" and they are staying in the kitchen except for potty breaks.  There has been a lot of yelping and sad little faces but this has to be done.  Looking back I realize that I didn't start Sawyer and Blossom right (the puppy pads are a big no no if you want your dog to go potty outside!) and then Baylee picked up their bad habits.  Bentley is fairly well trained, he just won't go to the back door and ask to go out so hopefully this will show him how to ask.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My 4 Doxies!

I'm not sure what they were watching, but it gave me a chance to snap pictures!  I think they are just 4 little peas in a pod!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let's Go Swimming!

This afternoon was warm enough to get out the little wading pool and introduce the dogs to a little water fun.  Sawyer was the first to go in (actually, Jaydon gently put him in) and then Baylee. Then we put Bentley in...he wasn't too sure about it (I think he thought it was a bath!).  Blossom was the last to join the pack and take a dip. They didn't try to jump out, they just enjoyed the cool water.  Later Sawyer got back in for a second time and Jaydon scooped up water in a little bucket and poured it over him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ring Training

Last night Bentley went to his first ring training.  He did great but "Mom" has a lot of learning to do!  I realized that I haven't socialized him enough.  He was very well behaved but very quiet.  When we were still he would sit between my feet (would have made a cute picture) and be very still.  He wasn't too afraid of the other dogs and was willing to exchange nose to nose sniffs with them.  He was hesitant about getting on the table at first but by the last time he was relaxing a little.  As far as being on the floor I realized that he has always walked in the pack and I've never had him on a lead by himself.  But he trotted right along!

After we got home I decided that it was time to get him registered so I got online and got it done.  If approved his official, registered name will be "Splendors Blackbeard Bentley Beau".  Quite a name for a dachshund!

This picture of his back was made April 22nd.  Look how light his color is now! Only his ears and tail have kept the shading.  He still has dark coloring under his chin, thus the name "Blackbeard".   His coat is getting long, thick and just a little wavy.  He's almost as big as Baylee.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun's over for these guys!

The little rascals had demolished the east side of the backyard between the house and the fence.  The grass for some reason had already been struggling but the dogs had almost finished it off.  They had also taken great delight in digging out along the fence on this side of the yard.  My neighbor's dog and the critters of the night had been part of the conspiracy, too.  So I told myself that before the weather gets hot and muggy and the mosquitos move in that I had to build a retaining wall along this fence.  The picture above is the start of the wall.  I also hauled out buckets of dirt and rocks to get this evened out and smooth.  Realistically, there will be a doggie path along the fence but I'm hoping to get the grass to at least return a little. 

While I was working on this the dogs escaped twice!  I was watching them like a hawk because I knew that as I went down the fence I was exposing their little escape holes.  And darn, if they weren't watching me!  If I moved away or even looked away, they were through the hole and gone.  And the next morning I caught them trying to chip away at a small space at the corner of the fence.  I quickly remedied that and we've had no more escapes.  Next weekend I hope to finish this up, fun's over for these little guys.

Oh, I'm sure they will find something else to do that fulfills their adventuresome spirit!