Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sawyer's First Visit to the Dog Park

This afternoon Jaydon, Sawyer and I headed out to explore a fairly new park.  We discovered that the park had a dog park and we spent a good deal of time there.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most, the boy or the dog!

We entered the park and then realized that we were in the big dog section.  Sawyer didn't seem to mind when two big dogs rushed up to greet him but we quickly made our way to the small dog park.  There were 7 or 8 dachshunds there, all smooth reds and none of them looked too much like they were pedigree type dogs (always makes me wonder about the "breeder" they came from).  There were several fuzzy poodle types and some small mixed breeds.  Most of the dogs stayed to themselves and just played.  Anyway, Sawyer was very relaxed and after a while I felt comfortable enough to unhook the lead and let him run around.  He enjoyed exploring and never got into any trouble!  He stayed fairly close and always listened and came when I called to him.

The park had a little playhouse/fort that Jaydon just loved.  We couldn't coax Sawyer up the ramp so Jaydon took him up on the top level for a few minutes.  I would love to have a little house like that in my back yard for the dogs to play in, although realistically Jaydon would be the major occupant!

I want to take the other dogs to this park and see how they do.  I've decided that each of my dogs is much calmer and better behaved when they are by themselves.  When they are together I really think the "let's be a party pack" mentality kicks in.

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