Friday, December 28, 2012

Not all dog shampoos are alike

I (dachshund Mom) have really bad hair, really bad.  I know all too well that it is a must to use a good shampoo and conditioner.  So why did I think dogs were any different?

Last night was bath night for the 4 pups.  Yes, it was cold outside but I started the baths early in the evening so they were dry and warm again before they had to go outside for a "business" break.  After they were done (and running wildly through the house) I realized that my hands were very dry.  I applied lotion several times and each time my hands just soaked it up.  My hands almost ached they were so dry. 

A little later I settled in on the sofa to read.  As usual the dogs settled in, too.  But I noticed that they were all scratching like crazy.  Then I noticed that while they all looked fluffy and clean, Bentley and Baylee were very fuzzy.  Their coats looked dry, too.  Then it hit me...the shampoo had dried out my hands and their coats.  I had used shampoo bought at PetsMart, thinking that dog shampoo is all the same.

After the fact I remembered that I had bought some shampoo and conditioner for Bentley at one of the dog shows.  It had aloe vera and oatmeal in it and made his coat very soft and manageable.  I definitely need some more of it for the next bath, lesson learned!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seek and Destroy update

While the human Mom has been busy with school and then getting ready for Christmas we've been busy, too, doing our part with our plan to seek and destroy everything on the planet Dachshund.

First, we destroyed this thing called a "Purr Pad".  We're not exactly sure what it was suppossed to be but it came in the box with some new beds that our Mom ordered for us.  Just to note, we have not destroyed the beds because they are way too warm and comfy, at least for now they are not to be destroyed.  Mom put this Purr Pad thing on our sofa, we think she thought the cats would sleep on this thing and their fur would stay off the sofa.  But we had other plans when she left the room.  We did a remarkable job of getting a large hole in it and shredding it into clumps in just a few minutes.  Why she didn't like our handy work we don't know.
Then came the Christmas tree.  O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree how we love the presents under your branches.  But our plan to seek, destroy, and lift hind legs on the presents was foiled when one of the moveable, stand alone gates was spread around the tree.  We hate those things.
This morning we really out did ourselves!  While Mom was getting ready for work one of us (Sawyer?) pulled a Berenstein Bears book off the shelf and ate a hole in the middle of the cover.  Others pulled a sheet of stickers off the book shelf and then performed a shred-ectomy.  Oh, yes we ate a few, too.  MMMMMM.  But our final crowning glorious task was to take the unopened package of sequins and beads off the little table in the living room.  One of us (Bentley?) took it to the sofa and choose to open the red sequins and the tiny red beads.  They looked so beautiful strewn all over the sofa.  Very Christmassy, we thought!  When Mom walked in the room she was very upset with us but we don't understand why. 
Oh well, tomorrow is another day and we will be on the look out for more things to use to practice our seek and destroy techniques

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A House of Two-Year Olds

I realized this morning that right now all the dogs are two years old!  Bentley turned two in early November and until Sawyer and Blossom turn three in February all four dogs are the same age.  Thank goodness dogs don't go through the "terrible twos" like children.  For the most part they are all adult dogs and the puppy years are behind them, although I still think of them as puppies.
Having multiple dogs has been an adventure, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine just having one little doggie face to greet me when I come home at night; neither can I imagine only walking one dog.   I'm a firm believer in having two dogs (same with cats) since they do to keep each other company and it just seems right. Yes, I know, I have four right now but that's okay, too!