Friday, December 28, 2012

Not all dog shampoos are alike

I (dachshund Mom) have really bad hair, really bad.  I know all too well that it is a must to use a good shampoo and conditioner.  So why did I think dogs were any different?

Last night was bath night for the 4 pups.  Yes, it was cold outside but I started the baths early in the evening so they were dry and warm again before they had to go outside for a "business" break.  After they were done (and running wildly through the house) I realized that my hands were very dry.  I applied lotion several times and each time my hands just soaked it up.  My hands almost ached they were so dry. 

A little later I settled in on the sofa to read.  As usual the dogs settled in, too.  But I noticed that they were all scratching like crazy.  Then I noticed that while they all looked fluffy and clean, Bentley and Baylee were very fuzzy.  Their coats looked dry, too.  Then it hit me...the shampoo had dried out my hands and their coats.  I had used shampoo bought at PetsMart, thinking that dog shampoo is all the same.

After the fact I remembered that I had bought some shampoo and conditioner for Bentley at one of the dog shows.  It had aloe vera and oatmeal in it and made his coat very soft and manageable.  I definitely need some more of it for the next bath, lesson learned!

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  1. I've only managed to find one soap that didn't break either me or Nola out. It's Boots and Barkley (Target) Puppy Shampoo. Smells great too!
    Nola's Mom