Friday, March 27, 2020

The Classic Dachshund

The Dachshund was originally published in 1927 with 1,000 copies printed.  The author revised and republished several times - this copy is the 1955 edition that had a printing of five thousand copies that sold at a price of $3.50.  I found it on Ebay and was pleased that it is in remarkably good condition. Grayce Greenburg was a renowned breeder of many champions and a dog show judge with much insight on the breed.

This book is a treasure house of dachshund information including a history of the breed based on information available at the time of printing and includes numerous pictures of early dachshunds. Where did the modern version of these loveable little short-legged long-bodies originate?  It isn't clear, but based on the author's research probably in France, possibly from the crossing of the Dandie Dinmont terrier and the Basset-Griffon.  She also acknowledges the possibility that the Basset Hound played a role in the breed's refinement. Knowing that it is easy to see why some doxies have the hound type muzzle and others have more of a terrier type.  It was all done for breeding a better hunting dog and we see those desired traits today - short legs for burrowing, tenacious personalities, and proficient barkers!

I'm looking forward to sharing more information from the book in coming posts.