Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Short Legs, Long Body

Dachshunds may have short little legs and ride close to the ground but that doesn't keep them from high places.  I'm always catching Baylee standing on her hind legs with front legs on top of the kitchen trash can.  And tonight I realized just how long Bentley can stretch.  Recently he learned that he is big enough to jump on the furniture.  How convenient and how bad for his back I must say.  But learn he has.  Tonight while I was eating, the washing machine had an imbalance in the load (of dog bedding, no less).  So I left the table and my plate to step into the laundry room for just a minute.  When I turned around there was Mr. Bentley standing on my chair checking out my supper!  At least he wasn't on the table!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Show Results Are In

Bentley showed today in his first dog show.  I think he did really well and his first time handler did well, too!  I wasn't nervous like I thought I would be, in fact it was rather fun.  We had gone to the show yesterday and just walked around and observed the judges and watched everything that was going on.  I took him in the grooming area but he was not happy there with all the noise and movement (plus two different people let their big dogs lunge at him and that scared him). But all in all he took everything well and was content to let people pet him and admire him.  I can't begin to count how many people commented about his color and how beautiful he was.  Also, so many people said that they either had a dachshund or had had one and wanted another one.

Thank goodness I had some one that was mentoring me or I would never have figured out what was going on.  I'm a little clearer on how these shows work but still have a way to go.  He was the only puppy in his class so he won (no competition makes it easy).  Since he was the only dog in regular classes he also won Winners Dog.  Then we went on to compete against two finished dogs (champions) and the female dog that was the female winner.  Needless to say the fuzzy little puppy didn't make it!  He did really well on the table but was pulling against me on the lead when we walked.  Not sure why he did that since he practices perfectly.  Also, I don't think I was really fast enough getting him stacked on the floor for the judge to look at. Plus, he is fuzzy and the champions are not!

Not sure where we are going from here, but I think we are off to a good start!  Go Bentley Go!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blossom's Bath Time

I gave Bentley (A.K.A Fuzzy Puppy) and Blossom a bath tonight.  I've found it easier to just do two at a time.  They are usually pretty good about baths, although sometimes there is a little resistance! 

Tonight Blossom went first and she was very good about having her ears cleaned and that was a surprise because she usually does not like having that done.  But the funny part was when I put her in the water.  I had picked her up and could feel her little heart beating pretty fast so I was prepared for her to kick and squirm a little.  But no, when I put her in the water she just sat down as if to say, ok let's do it.

She's so funny after a bath.  She feels good and runs around for a while then she will just play and play and play with her toys.  Right now she is laying next to me sound asleep, all fluffy and clean!