Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blossom's Bath Time

I gave Bentley (A.K.A Fuzzy Puppy) and Blossom a bath tonight.  I've found it easier to just do two at a time.  They are usually pretty good about baths, although sometimes there is a little resistance! 

Tonight Blossom went first and she was very good about having her ears cleaned and that was a surprise because she usually does not like having that done.  But the funny part was when I put her in the water.  I had picked her up and could feel her little heart beating pretty fast so I was prepared for her to kick and squirm a little.  But no, when I put her in the water she just sat down as if to say, ok let's do it.

She's so funny after a bath.  She feels good and runs around for a while then she will just play and play and play with her toys.  Right now she is laying next to me sound asleep, all fluffy and clean!

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