Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where I Stand

Little blog, I have not forgotten you.  While I have posted dog stuff on my main blog, Small Simple Things of Life I still intend to keep this blog going.  I have many dog things to write about, especially since I've done several dog shows this summer and realized that I know absolutely nothing about dogs! I have discoveries to write about, but first...
This picture was on Facebook this morning; it speaks for itself.  I'm a strong proponent of spaying and neutering your dogs. Why would you want to bring more puppies into the world unless you are an experienced dog breeder who understands bloodlines, genetics, breeding dogs, whelping puppies, and is willing to bear the cost of veterinary care for mama dog and her litter.  And, is willing to provide around the clock care for newborn puppies for weeks. 

Over the years I've heard people say the following:
  • Oh, I just want to let her have one litter before I have her spayed. Really?  Do you think that the future owners of those puppies, provided you can find homes for them, will say the same thing?  How many dogs do you want to descend from your dog?
  • My neighbor down the street has a beautiful poodle and I'm going to breed her to him.  Really?  What kind of dogs do you think your dog will throw?
  • I've had people stop me and ask me if I want to "mate" my dog.  Really, What makes you think I would breed my pure blood, registered dog to your quite not right dachshund that has a smooth coat. What makes you think you have a Bichon there, mister?  Bichon's do not have long skinny smooth coat legs.  Can you imagine what goofy looking dogs you would end up with?
So here's a quick tour of where I stand:  Spay and neuter your dogs.  Only buy from a reputable breeder that lets you see his/her dogs and where he/she keeps them.  If you have a heart for rescue, then find a group that fully vets their rescues and take one of their dogs (and make a nice donation to their group in appreciation for giving you your forever friend).  And what about all the shelters that are brimming over with dogs?  They wouldn't be full if those dog's parents had been spayed or neutered!

Spay, Neuter, and leave the breeding to the experts!