Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ring Training

Last night Bentley went to his first ring training.  He did great but "Mom" has a lot of learning to do!  I realized that I haven't socialized him enough.  He was very well behaved but very quiet.  When we were still he would sit between my feet (would have made a cute picture) and be very still.  He wasn't too afraid of the other dogs and was willing to exchange nose to nose sniffs with them.  He was hesitant about getting on the table at first but by the last time he was relaxing a little.  As far as being on the floor I realized that he has always walked in the pack and I've never had him on a lead by himself.  But he trotted right along!

After we got home I decided that it was time to get him registered so I got online and got it done.  If approved his official, registered name will be "Splendors Blackbeard Bentley Beau".  Quite a name for a dachshund!

This picture of his back was made April 22nd.  Look how light his color is now! Only his ears and tail have kept the shading.  He still has dark coloring under his chin, thus the name "Blackbeard".   His coat is getting long, thick and just a little wavy.  He's almost as big as Baylee.

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