Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unhappy Puppies

I have 4 unhappy little dogs on my hands.  We are having to repeat the 7-day housebreaking routine.  They had done fairly well, with some hit or miss, but the last two weeks it seemed that they had a regression.  When I would take them out they would just chase possums, raccoons, play, eat acorns....anything but do their business.  And then, guess what happened when we came inside!  I'll say no more, it is obvious what I was dealing with.

So, Monday morning we started the "lock down" and they are staying in the kitchen except for potty breaks.  There has been a lot of yelping and sad little faces but this has to be done.  Looking back I realize that I didn't start Sawyer and Blossom right (the puppy pads are a big no no if you want your dog to go potty outside!) and then Baylee picked up their bad habits.  Bentley is fairly well trained, he just won't go to the back door and ask to go out so hopefully this will show him how to ask.

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