Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shredded Carrots

The dogs and I frequently dine al fresco, time and weather permitting.  One night several weeks ago I had a salad, they had the usual!  As I was almost finished I dropped a piece of lettuce and Blossom pounced on it.  I wondered what she would do with it but didn't expect her to eat it since it had a sun-dried tomato vinagerette type dressing, but she loved it.  So I picked a slivered carrot out of my salad and fed it to her remembering that I had read in several different books that fresh, raw vegetables are okay to feed to the dogs.  She loved it!  Then the others realized that they were missing out on something so I had to pick out a few more carrots.

The next time I went grocery shopping I bought a small bag of shredded carrots (the matchstick size ones).  Yes, I paid extra for pre-prepared vegetables but the small price was far worth my time to stand and chop or drag out the food processor.  So now we frequently are enjoying a snack of carrots and they love them.  It is funny, though, because Sawyer always gets real excited until he tastes one and then he looks at me like, "come on really, you don't expect me to eat this do you?  Is this a treat?" and then he dives in with the rest of the gang.

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