Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bentley's first match

Jaydon and I took Bentley to his first dog show today.  It was actually a fun match, just for practice.  We had a good time, even though it was in Austin so we had to do a little driving.  His judge was the same instructor we have here in our ring training class, so that was good but also a little scary since it was like having a test of what we learned.

Bentley was the only long haired dachshund so he came home with a first place ribbon and a best of variety ribbon (easy when you have no competition).  He was spooked by a barking dog the first time and then he refused to walk, so I had to coax him with a treat.  But by the end he was doing good and relaxing.  The judge/instructor suggested taking him to some of the big shows and just letting him get used to the noise.  Here are a few pictures:

What a handsome guy!

Bentley gets judged!

This is a little blurry.  Jaydon made the picture from a distance and I cropped it.  But it shows him waiting for the best of group judging.

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