Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun's over for these guys!

The little rascals had demolished the east side of the backyard between the house and the fence.  The grass for some reason had already been struggling but the dogs had almost finished it off.  They had also taken great delight in digging out along the fence on this side of the yard.  My neighbor's dog and the critters of the night had been part of the conspiracy, too.  So I told myself that before the weather gets hot and muggy and the mosquitos move in that I had to build a retaining wall along this fence.  The picture above is the start of the wall.  I also hauled out buckets of dirt and rocks to get this evened out and smooth.  Realistically, there will be a doggie path along the fence but I'm hoping to get the grass to at least return a little. 

While I was working on this the dogs escaped twice!  I was watching them like a hawk because I knew that as I went down the fence I was exposing their little escape holes.  And darn, if they weren't watching me!  If I moved away or even looked away, they were through the hole and gone.  And the next morning I caught them trying to chip away at a small space at the corner of the fence.  I quickly remedied that and we've had no more escapes.  Next weekend I hope to finish this up, fun's over for these little guys.

Oh, I'm sure they will find something else to do that fulfills their adventuresome spirit!

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