Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dog Days at the Botanical Garden

One of my favorite places went to the dogs this weekend, literally.  The Botanical Garden opened their doors to doggie visitors!  Each dog was charged a $5 donation to the local Humane Society, good deal!  They usually do this in (gulp) August and I never can make myself take them down there in the heat.  So I took Sawyer and Bentley down for a while this afternoon.  Temperature was in the low 70's making it just a perfect time to walk in the garden.  Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I even let the lead drop once or twice when no other human or dog was close by.  I did have my hands full as we entered into the entry building, they were so excited that they were barking and going around my legs!  But they quickly calmed down and did great with the other dogs and people while we walked.  Here are a few pictures, more to come later.

Sawyer was like a magnet with the water in the lake.  He got this far in and I pulled him back.  I wished that I could have let him loose just to see how far out he would go!

They are loose on this trail by the lake.  I figured that since they were "hitched" together that I could catch them easily.  As it was they stopped to smell something and it was easy to just pick up the lead.

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