Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dog Days, part 2

I made quite a few pictures yesterday at the Botanical Garden; however, I was by myself and holding the leads so most pictures will show the leads, but that's ok since the pictures document our outing.

Bentley and Sawyer in the Japanese Garden - they were watching another dachshund and a Sheltie be told to "sit/stay" for a picture!

It's probably a good thing that the fountains are turned off due to the water restrictions otherwise Sawyer would have dived in!

This is my Sawyer, what a sweetheart!

Bentley is a good looking 'fella but what a rascal!   

We stopped here for a break, this is a large, covered patio connected to one of the old pioneer type homes that have been moved onto the property.

Two amigos, out for some fun!

This is why I wasn't worried about dropping the lead!  Attached together they couldn't go too far very fast.

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