Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrating Fives

This week was the observance of two events that happened five years ago and have forever changed my life.  Blossom and Sawyer celebrated their fifth Gotcha Day and Baylee celebrated her 5th birthday a few days later.  Now really, they didn't celebrate anything.  Neither did I!  But in the keeping of the passing of time both of these are momentous events for our little community.
August 12, 2010
I will always cherish my memories of picking each of these sweet babies up from Splendor Farms.  Just like the first glimpse of a human baby, my first glimpse of each one was priceless.  Blossom and Sawyer were so small that I remember asking if I could pick them up!  I went back for Baylee in August so she was 4 months old; I remember thinking that she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen!

These five years have been wonderful; how did I ever live without dachshunds in my house?  I thought I knew a lot about dogs, but I know now that I didn't know a thing.  They have taught me so much and opened a whole new world for me.  Grooming, training, showing, nutrition, and doggie behavior are frequent topics for me to explore. 

Last week at the show we were discussing a breeder that had to go into assisted living and one of the other ladies had bought out the entire kennel.  I remarked that when the time comes for me to go to a place like that that I will have to find one that takes dogs!  I can't live with out them!

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  1. Happy birthday and Gotcha Day! They're such beautiful dogs.