Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Only Hang-Up

Bentley here, again.  Mom said I could do another post as long as it is short.  And, no pictures...well maybe one.

Mom told me I'm a good traveler and a great companion.  I don't get car sick anymore, but Mom still keeps a towel handy and she doesn't feed me very much before I ride either.  I usually ride in her lap, like I did on the trip home from Louisiana when I was a puppy but I don't fit so comfortably now.  On the way home Sunday I was so tired that I did curl up on the passenger seat and sleep for almost an hour, wow!  I'm good in the hotel, only bark a little and no uh-oh's anywhere either.  Of course, I make friends and attract admirers where ever I go!

However, we did have a little episode after we got home.  The other dogs were still at the resort, so it was just me and mom.  After being constantly with my mom and sleeping in that big ole bed for two nights my mom put me in the crate when bedtime came on Sunday night.  Can you believe it?  She locked me in the crate.  I hate to be in the crate by myself and she knows that.  It is the one thing that I just can't deal with.

First she had tried to just put me in the kitchen but she only put one gate out and I pushed it aside.  I quickly ran to her bed and jumped on top of her and smothered her with kisses.  I thought she was happy to see me because she actually let me stay on the bed for a while.   But then she told me I was moving around too much so she put me in the crate, all by myself.  That's okay though I got even with her.  I cried, yipped, yapped, howled, barked, and scratched on the crate until 4:30 a.m.  Ha ha on her, her alarm goes off at 5:30!  And, just to show her when she put me outside at 5:30 I threw myself against the glass door and had another total doggie meltdown with my loudest barking ever.  I think she got the message because she came right outside with her coffee and sat on the glider with me.  Ah, my mama loves me again!

Here I am in black and white.  Mom tried to put this picture on a blog hop but didn't do it right so she's sharing it here.

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