Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cheese Lovers

I love cheese, just about any kind.  I like it on food, in food, and as a snack.  If I want a snack before bedtime I usually eat cheese, either a few slices from a deli bought cheese or a few cubes carved off a block.  Since this is an acceptable snack for the dogs I usually share a few bites with them, and they love it!

Since Jaydon has been gone and I was travelling during July I did not grocery shop.  If I ran out of something I didn't worry about replacing it.  Cheese was a non-essential item so when it was gone, it was gone. Well, yesterday I was pretty much out of everything so I went grocery shopping.  Last night, close to the 10 o'clock news time, I went in the kitchen to prep the coffee and do a few pre-morning chores.  When I was done I opened the refrigerator and the tray where I keep the cheese.  Instantly, I had four little noses trying to get in the tray!  I didn't say anything (they know the word cheese), I just reached down and opened the tray.  How did they know that I had bought cheese and that it was down in the tray again?

I have to think that they are just pretty darn smart! 

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