Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home again!

I just got home from the Reliant Show. I think the dogs must have a wild time at their "resort" because they have already passed out and we just got home! Too many all night bark parties at that place!  

When I left them on Thursday they were not happy with me.  Sawyer saw them coming for him and wrapped the lead around my legs and then sat between them thinking he was safe.  He even managed to break away and try to run back to me after being led away but he was quickly captured!  And Blossom managed her biggest little dog growl at everybody, but nobody was fooled!

When I picked them up today there was a lot of barking and jumping when they came out of the kennel area.  Trying to get them hitched up was crazy.   To tell the truth, I was glad to see them, too!  While working at the show from time to time a dog would come up and nudge my leg for attention and the handler would usually apologize.  My reply was always, "it's ok, I'm a dog person!" but really it made me feel good to feel a cold wet nose and to use that as an introduction to scratch a muzzle.

To conclude here is a picture of what greets you in a dog friendly hotel:  TREATS AND PICK UP BAGS!


  1. It's always great to see them again!

  2. I think it's nice to go away and enjoy something without having to worry about where my dogs are or what they are doing sometimes. How I miss them so though!