Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick, run and hide. It's bath time!

I bathed all four dogs tonight.  I don't know if I was just on a roll or what!  I decided that while the bathtub was already dirty and everything was out I might as well do all four.  I accomplished this in less than an hour, too.  For some reason I've never thought to photograph the dogs during their baths so tonight I grabbed the camera and here's what I got:

Blossom was first
I didn't get her picture until she was already out of the tub.  Here she is, all clean and ready to run and roll on every rug she can find!  She loves bath time and will usually just sit down in the tub while I bath her.  Little diva!

Bentley got shampoo and conditioner
I had bought some shampoo and conditioner made with aloe and oatmeal at a recent show.  Since he is showing this weekend I thought I would try it out.  I'll report on it later.  He is used to fairy regular baths, ah the life of a show dog.

Sawyer, not too happy

Sawyer figured out what was going on and hid from me.  He does not like baths or pawdicures, no girly stuff for this big boy.  As hard as he tried to pout he still couldn't help closing his eyes while I lathered him up and gave him a little massage.

Sweet Baylee, all wet
Baylee was last.  She is a good doggie in the bath tub and always looks even more beautiful after she gets scrubbed and clean.

One of the first questions I asked Kelly before I got Blossom and Sawyer was about how much grooming long haired dachshunds require.  Her response, very little.  They need a bath about once a month and do not stink like regular dogs.  I try to comb them every few days but it only takes a minute or so for each dog.  If I don't comb them they do get matts in their ears and around their rear legs.  I also clean out their ears with each bath, but that is quick and easy to do.  Like most dogs they need a pawdicure every now and then, too.

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