Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday at the park

I had planned to go to a guided nature walk at one of the parks this morning; however, it started at 8 a.m. and that was just a tad too early this morning!  So a while later I took Bentley and Sawyer over to the park for a walk. There was a lot of crying and carryin-on by the girls who were left behind, but they will get their turn soon.

I made a few pictures but learned a lesson.  If I want to make pictures of a dog there needs to be just one dog. And for best results the pictures need to be made in the late afternoon when the light is softer.  But just for the record here are a few from today:

There was a lot of stopping to sniff and smell.

Bentley paused briefly on top of this rock.

More sniffing and smelling.
After the walk (which was probably about a mile) I took them into the dog park.  They weren't too enthusiastic about being there.  They might have just been tired, but it occurred to me that the last time they were there they weren't overly excited either.  I think it is because they are a "pack" all the time and don't really feel the need to socialize with other dogs.  On previous trips they would run around and explore the area but today they just sat and looked at me like, "what are we doing in this place". I also noticed while we walked that some people would hold their dogs back but others would let their dog run up to meet Bentley and Sawyer.  I held the leads tight in that case, and most of the time they tolerated the other dog but I think they would just as soon not make friends.  Again, I think it is because they are part of a "pack".   I'll try the dog park again but I would just as soon walk the trails myself so we may just stick to that.

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