Sunday, May 13, 2012

A picture and a video ( that now works!)

I had this spur of the moment inspiration on Thursday afternoon to make a group shot of the dogs.  I used the point and shoot camera which makes great pictures but did not use the tripod, mistake #1.  The second mistake was that I was by myself and didn't have anyone to help work with the dogs (their understanding of stay is fuzzy sometimes, you know).  But I did get a shot or two.

See what I mean?  They are looking at me like, why do we have to sit here, have we been bad?  And Bentley looks huge but it is just the way the camera caught him.  I'll post some more pictures during the week, and I'll at least use the tripod next time.

This afternoon I made this video (see the other blog for details).  Bentley has a deeper, throatier bark than on the video.  What makes me laugh is how he keeps biting Jaydon's back!

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