Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dachshund Lovers Everywhere

While we were camping we met up with some more dachshund lovers!  I had seen this suburban/tahoe type vehicle cruise by our campsite.  We left a few minutes later for one of our little walks.  The vehicle cruised by us while we were walking then turned around a little circle drive and came back up to us.  This time the passenger window rolled down and a friendly voice called out, " we had to stop to admire your puppies."  Well, of course, a conversation started right up.  

The man and lady ooohed and ahhhhed for a minute at the boys and then the man rolled down the back passenger window.  Out popped two of the most precious little dachshund faces I've ever seen.  One was a beautiful little long haired red and the other a smooth black and tan.  They were so sweet, wagging their tails and looking cute!  They had the whole back seat to themselves, a blanket was spread across the seat and they were having so much fun!  I mentioned something about that I needed a harness for my pups and guess what, that's exactly what they had!  The man showed it to me and stated that the dogs did not mind being harnessed at all, that they would just curl up and sleep while they traveled.  They were both females and about 8 years old.  The lady mentioned that they got the long haired dog from a breeder in Lockhart, silly me I forgot to ask who. Not surprisingly she had had dachshunds all her life!

We chatted for several minutes about dachshunds before we said goodbye.  I enjoyed meeting them, much more than the campers whose German Shepherd had gotten loose and was about to take out my dogs when their owner got the dog away from us.  That was scarey!

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