Monday, April 30, 2012

Tired Dogs

This was a busy weekend for all four dogs.  Sawyer & Bentley went camping; the girls went to the 'resort'.  All four were tired last night and even this morning they were still pretty much wiped out!  

The boys were on the go all day Friday and didn't nap any or even lay down.  We took several walks at the park and then a hike down one of the new trails.  When we went in the tent on Friday night Sawyer laid right down and went sound asleep.  I wondered if someone (or realistically something) came up around the tent if he would even wake up.  But, never  mind, Bentley was awake as usual.  I think he did sleep some but periodically he would get up, walk around, lick my face or my arm if exposed, and then lay back down.  If he did sleep, it was just like a catnap but I think that may be normal for him anyway.

Saturday morning they both woke me up; when I checked the time it was around 5:30 a.m. which is the time my alarm goes off during the week.  Their alarm clocks were working!  I pulled up a blanket because I was chilly and they settled back in until almost 7 a.m.  Then we were off on another full day and no naps.  Bedtime that night was the same routine.  Sawyer passed out and Bentley catnapped.  Sunday morning they slept in until almost 6 a.m.!

I will have to say that the trails we hiked were not always easy.  This area is very hilly, so we were up and down and around a lot.  Also these were new trails and in some cases not the easiest to navigate.  The dogs are used to the easy trails of the city parks that are paved or firmly packed crushed gravel.  In addition, we took several walks each day just around the area where we were camped. 

Jaydon and the dogs on the trail

When we got home yesterday they were more than content to just lay around.   The girls were tired, too; I don't think there is much sleeping at the 'resort'!  Last night they were all very tired little pups, no wild playing or chasing cats.  This morning when I offered them the opportunity to go out for a second time they all just looked at me like, "no thanks, I'll pass".  Sawyer and Bentley were on the sofa, Baylee was curled up in a little dog bed on the living floor and Blossom had retreated to the small wire crate.  I know what they did today while I earned their kibble!

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