Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camping at Bastrop

Sawyer and Bentley went camping this weekend at Bastrop State Park.  The park had been devastated by a wild fire over Labor Day Weekend last year (I'll do a post about the park on the other blog) but that didn't stop us from having a great weekend.  The weather was perfect, with a nice breeze and relatively cool temperatures.  Sawyer is a pro at camping since this was his second trip.  Bentley, well I'm not so sure about him.  He had a confused look on  his face a lot, but went along for the ride, so to speak.  He did bark way too much and, typical of him, wanted to lick our faces throughout the night.  He may have to stick to dog shows and leave the camping to Sawyer!

Can we go home now?
Dos Amigos
Sawyer, ready for the next hike!
There hasn't been much rain lately so the creek we hiked by on Saturday morning was dry, except for this small pool.  Of course, Sawyer went right in.  That's my boy!
The purpose of this shot is to show what Sawyer looked like after his puddle jump!
Bentley jumped in this chair on Sunday morning.  I had to laugh because it was a very appropriate place for him to be.  He was a good sport about the hiking and being outdoors but he really prefers the good life - inside and on the furniture!
Our campsite

Bentley and Sawyer, Bastrop State Park, April 2012

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