Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bentley's Day in the Ring

We went north this morning to Austin to a show there.  This time the show was inside an arena with concrete floors, thank heaven no dirt! I did not take the camera, so no pictures.  Bentley was the only long haired dachshund competing, and I had almost decided earlier in the week not to go.  I finally convinced myself that it would be good experience for both of us and it would be one way to get him into the group ring competition.  Having no competition is one way to get yourself ahead in life, right?

So he came home with three ribbons:  he won his class, was Winner's Dog, and took Best of Variety.  But I was very pleased with him and how he did in the ring today.  He walked good and stacked better than ever.  I had bathed him this morning and he was a little frizzy for a while but the fur had settled down by the time we got in the ring.  He seems to be finally starting to grow a little more length on his legs, and his chest is getting fuller and fuller.  I'm hoping that he will be like Baylee and around his first birthday develop a thick coat of beautiful cream fur!

I was slightly irritated at the judge (we ended up with the same judge both times).  He was pleasant, but didn't "give us our 2 minutes".  As I took Bentley around the ring the first time the judge was looking completely away.  He didn't even give me time to stack Bentley the first time and then just politely checked Bentley's bite and ran his hand down his back.  I could understand him doing that the first time since there was no competition.  But I did pay my entry fee and deserved my 2 minutes.  Then in group ring I was the last in and the ring was crowded and again, the judge was looking away as we came in.  This time I had time to stack but the judge just gave him a quick over.  I'm sure this happens a lot, but it was a first for us!

I was pleased with Bentley's performance today!.  He may not be a champion but he is a good looking fella and as I often say, he's a winner to me!

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