Friday, May 18, 2012

Baylee's night out

The Botanical Gardens had "Fidos After Five" tonight.  That meant that furry, four legged friends were welcome!  There were so many dogs, all enjoying the garden!  The weather was perfect, no humidity, just right to walk and enjoy the garden in the early evening.  I only took Baylee, since she is so shy I don't always take her places.  But I figured that if she was by herself and got a little shy it would be okay because I could give her lots of attention.  But she really wasn't too shy with dogs or people.  I have to admit it was different to only have one quiet dog to walk with me!  

I was not surprised that so many people commented on how beautiful she is, almost everyone we passed by had a comment about how beautiful she looked!  I also had many people ask me what kind of dog she is!  There were several dachshunds strolling around but, not surprisingly, she was the only long haired dachshund in the garden tonight!

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