Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sawyer & Blossom's check up

Yesterday Sawyer & Blossom had their 2 year check up and got their bordetella vaccinations.  Blossom weighed in at over 10 pounds (still a mighty mini!) and Sawyer tipped the scales (almost literally!) at over 16 pounds.  I was excited until the vet asked me why he had gained so much weight and what were we going to do to lose some of it.  

I blamed the grain-free food, which was the truth.  It added weight to all the dogs except Bentley.  I had already decided to put the dogs back on the Eukanuba Dachshund formula and the visit to the vet confirmed the decision.  We have also gotten out of the walking habit except for walks at the park so that needs to become a habit again. After I thought about the weight gain I decided that I'm not worried.  He really isn't over weight, but I do need to keep an eye on it.

As we went into the vets office I was carrying Blossom but Sawyer was on the ground.  He was bouncing along until we got to the door of the vets office.  Then he just stopped and refused to go through the door!  After we got inside the exam room Blossom started growling.  She sounded like a really big dog and everyone had a good laugh.  But she was really funny while the vet was examining her, she was shaking like crazy.  Poor doggie!

Otherwise, my two little piebald babies are healthy.  The vet observed that both were very well behaved!

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