Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shoes, kitchen trash, Legos and knitting needles

Okay, so what do those four items have in common?  Of course, that's right!  They have all been destroyed by the dogs. 

I finally have learned not to leave my shoes out, especially the expensive dressy ones.  I've learned that lesson the expensive way!  If the shoe is in the floor, eat it they say!  Shoes go in the closet.

Last Sunday afternoon while chatting on the phone with my sister I heard a noise in the kitchen.  I didn't really pay attention or get up to go see what it was.  Well, it was the sound of a bag of trash being pulled over!  The bag was tied up and ready to go out but Blossom had other plans.  By the time I got in the kitchen there was trash everywhere (and bacon grease, too).  I know better than to leave a bag of trash out, trash goes in the can in the garage!

I think Legos must be a delicacy for the dogs.  They just love to munch on them.  I know that Legos have no scent but I think the dogs can smell them.  No matter how careful we are to pick them all up, it seems that they always find one or two.  Legos go in the closet, too!

Congratulations, Blossom!  You have now eaten 4 sets of circular knitting needles.  Does the bamboo taste good?  Yes, the metal ones were a little tough but you managed to at least eat the cord on them.  The last ones were tucked into the basket, with the lid closed, but that didn't stop you, did it? Now they are in a zipper bag in the basket, but wait you eat zippers, too don't you. Knitting and knitting needles go up high, away from little doggie noses!

Oh well, just one event after another for our pack!


  1. Chester and Gretel eat zippers too. Well, they are actually pretty good at getting them open to get to any food-like goodies I might have inside out. BUT if they cant get it open then they just chew it. I am sure what kind of sign they are sending you with the Legos either :)

  2. Haha! My 3 Doxies (soon to be four again!!!) eat everything they can get their mouths on. I've noticed it with my boy more then the girls
    Nola's Mom

    1. I go through bags of rawhide chewies like crazy and mine still chew on everything, too.