Monday, June 18, 2012

Sawyer "plays possum" and walking with the stroller

Sawyer gave me quite a fright this morning.  Now, I do not wake up easily; I run on auto-pilot for at least an hour and/or until the first two cups of coffee kick me awake.  This morning I stumbled into the kitchen, opened the crate and the gate into the kitchen just like every morning.  Three dogs started their morning greeting, in the dark.  Sometimes Sawyer (like me!) is a little slow to rise and shine but this morning he was just laying on his bed, on his side with legs straight out.  I called his name and still no movement.  Not awake at all, I wondered what was wrong with him.  He was perfectly fine at bedtime. I called his name again, no response.  Now I'm thinking that I've lost him, my beloved Sawyer companion.  Not willing yet to accept this fact I call his name, loudly and sharply.  Well, up jumps Sawyer and looks around with a puzzled look like, "what happened, I must have overslept".  He must have been in deep sleep because he was out, playing possum as my grandmother used to say!

So what else happened today in doggie world? I decided to take the dog stroller along tonight on our walk.  Baylee seems to really struggle on our walks, she keeps up but I know it is an effort.  She is too heavy for me to carry and to handle the other three.  Plus it is warm and she is warm and very furry so I just can't carry her.  I started out pushing the stroller with one hand and the dogs on the other.  But the stroller is a three-wheeler and really needs two hands to control it.  So I clipped the leads onto the clip on the stroller.  When Baylee got tired I put her in the stroller.  She loved it!  I had to be ready to intervene quickly if the others decided to veer off to smell something!  Baylee jumped out at one point, bumped her head but it didn't seem to phase her at all.  Blossom had a turn in the stroller but she really likes to walk. I stopped to talk to some dachshund owners tonight, too. Just one problem:  As we neared my house they saw Lacey and decided they really needed to chase her.  Baylee jumped out of the stroller, all three bolted and then the flimsy clip on the stroller broke.  Ha ha, though, the joke was on them because tethered together they didn't go very far very fast!

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