Monday, September 17, 2012

Bentley, Eat your egg

I still have this idea that I can make Bentley into a show dog.  Kinda like a "Rocky" or "Karate Kid" story, the little underdog that makes it big.  I know, I know but I can always dream, right?  He is a good looking dog and, for the most part, does well in the ring.  I keep thinking that if I can get some weight on him and get his coat to look a little better that he might at least get a few points. 

There are some fall shows coming up so I decided to get serious about getting him ready.  Step one:  diet.  One thing that I really haven't been doing is feeding the dogs an egg on a regular basis.  It is easy enough to open a can of green beans and divide it among their bowls.  Same with yogurt or matchstick carrots.  So tonight as I was boiling some eggs for my lunches I decided that I would make several extra for the dogs.  When I divide food among the dogs I always wonder if everyone really gets a fair portion since they all eat out of each other's bowls.  So to make sure that Bentley really got a whole egg I decided to resort to a little sneakiness.  I had seen him and Sawyer standing by the back door earlier so I took one of the eggs in my hand and opened the door without calling them.  Sawyer had disappeared but Bentley was still close by and he went out with me.  First part of the mission was successful!
I led him away from the door so the others couldn't see him get the egg.  I knew that they would get theirs later so I didn't feel too sneaky. I held out the egg expecting him to take it and proceed to chomp it down.  No, instead he just smelled and licked it.   I finally had to break it up in chunks for him and then he started to eat it.  But he ate it very slowly and very politely.  It took him several minutes to finish the one egg!  I think he realized he had no competition so he didn't need to gobble but I also wondered if deep down inside he is just a well-mannered little house dog that has to be Mr. Big Stuff with his peers!

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