Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What we've been doing

The 4-pack here...human Mama has been busy and not writing so she's letting us write!  Yippee!  So here's what we've been doing while she's working, doing school and having fun over Labor Day.

Baylee:  I went to the vet for my 2-year check up.  My gotcha day was early in August so my check ups are in August.  The vet told me I'm very healthy but I've gained 13 ounces so I have to get back into the walking habit.  I also had no poop to donate for a sample but, oh well, I probably don't have any parasites since no one else around here does.

Blossom:  I've been busy sunning myself in little sunny spots on the deck whenever I go outside.  I like to lay there until I'm really hot and panting!  Mmmm feels so good!  And, oh yes, Aunt Carole was here for a visit and I did a big puddle of pee-pee in her room!  I just couldn't resist not having a gate across the guest room door!

Sawyer:  I've been real busy running the fence these days when I go outside.  Two dogs have moved into the house behind us.  A pug and (I think) a lab or some kind of good size dog.  It is my duty to defend my property from those little pesks. I bark real loud and run real fast, so I think I'm doing a great job! I've also perfected the technique of moving the stand alone doggie gate in the kitchen!

Bentley:  Hey, I'm just one good looking fun loving dachshund, you know.  I entertained Aunt Carole by licking her toes as much as I could get away with.  I just love to lick bare skin.  I don't understand why I get fussed at for licking!  I've decided that I just need to ignore my human Mama for the most part.  Doesn't she understand that I'm an independent thinker and I don't need her to manage me?

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