Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting the Christmas picture done (early)

Last year I didn't get the dogs' Christmas picture made until almost New Years.  By the time I got the cards and mailed them out it was, well, let's just say early to mid-January.  I really was embarrassed but was determined to send out a card as I had done the first year we were together.  I made a note to myself that I would not be late with the picture taking/card sending going forward.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I realized that I had a little time that afternoon when I could try to shoot a picture.  Yes, I had many other things I should be doing but I decided that it was time to get out the tripod and have a doggie photo shoot. The day was overcast so the light was perfect.  I had wanted to take them somewhere and do the picture in a scenic area...in my dreams, right?  So I set up a little Christmas scene on the much used glider in the back yard and commenced to shoot.

I'm happy to say that in the short time I had to do this that it got done.  I ordered the pictures the next day and the cards are here, ready to be addressed and mailed.    While the project is done I have to confess that 1)  the dogs would have looked better had they been bathed but it was either bathe the dogs or take the picture that afternoon 2) I did not edit the picture.  All I did was crop.  No pulling one dog from one frame and putting together a composite shot.  This is the way they really look.  I'm not thrilled with the picture but it isn't too bad either.  At least for this year I've kept my resolution!

Blogger has decided that I've used up all my free picture space so until I figure out what to do here I have no pictures to share (boo).


  1. Boo is right. I was wondering where the picture was. I look forward to seeing it when you figure out how you can share it.

  2. Oh my. I have just the reverse of your home. 5 Doxies & 4 Cats. Your babies are beautiful

    1. Thanks! They really are like potato chips, can't have just one!