Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post script to the last post

I came home from work today and, as I came through the garage door into the laundry room, I was greeted by a brown, fuzzy wuzzy puppy!  Yes, Mr. Bentley had jumped over the doggie gate and was wonderfully free in the house.  I hope that he had just jumped over when he heard the garage door going up and not that he had been loose in the house all day!

I was in a rush and went on to choir practice pretty quick, and didn't even think about another break out.  Oh yes, when I got home from choir there he was again, welcome committee of one!  So now what do I do?  I may try raising the gate up a little to see if that will keep him for a while.  I have a feeling it won't last for long and he'll just jump over again.  At least, for now anyway, it is only one dog loose in the house and not all four!  Short legs and long body make jumping real easy!

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