Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cat Chasing

Bentley and Baylee have developed a great affection for cat chasing. They are also fond of cornering a cat and "yip, yip, yipping" until I arrive on the scene. And no matter how many times I tell them "leave it" they just can't resist.  Poor cats, at least  they can jump up onto something and escape!

What is really funny is that Baby Girl will stand her ground with them when they corner her.  She just looks at them like, "really, do you think I'm scared?"  Mitzie, the most skiddish of the cats, is not afraid of the dogs and will nap on the sofa back or arm while the dogs are napping.  Rarely do the dogs mess with her.  But poor Shadow, she is fair game for a chase.  I'll hear her poor little mew and then hear the sound of thundering paws chasing her around!  NO, NO, LEAVE IT!

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