Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baylee!

Baylee's first birthday was April 14th.  I fell in love with the English Creams the first time I looked at Splendor Farm's web site.  I had never seen them before and was just fascinated with their beauty.  I had seen Baylee's picture on the web site but one afternoon she just called out to me.  That night I sent Kelly an e-mail to see if she was available and almost instantly she answered, yes that she was and would I please, please buy her because she needed a good home.  Kelly explained that she didn't know what to do with her because she was so afraid of the other dogs in the kennel and in her house.  Then I knew why she had called out to me that afternoon!

I'm not sure what had happened in Baylee's short life but she was a victim of kennel trauma!  Kelly reassured me that she would be okay, that she just needed some love.  So I drove over and drove back in one day to get her.  When Kelly handed her to me she was just quivering but she quickly laid down in my lap and relaxed while I talked to Kelly.  I've never regreted the drive because Baylee is so sweet and gentle.  She adapted very quickly to Blossom and Sawyer and was a little skiddish for a while but she just fit right in with us. 

She is quiet and gentle but you have to watch her, too.  She loves to sneak around and find an open trash bag in the kitchen.  She loves to sneak bites of cat food and chases cats with a passion. And when they are outside playing I can hear her going "yip,  yip, yip" in a high pitched, furious mode!

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